Are You Kidding Me???

I'm afraid I have to interrupt the camp updates to tell you...
I love her.  
She could not be any cuter.  
I'm just saying...
Her personality kills me, she is Miss Animated these days and we are loving it!
I mean seriously.  I don't care if I am her mother.  
This girl is CUTE!!!
And she has an affinity for dogs.
She got her first friendship bracelet today, which officially makes her more "grown up."
And as I caught her walking and talking to herself, I had to wonder, where did my little baby go??  
She is looking more and more like a big girl these days.
I'm sorry.  I just can't help it.  Her Daddy and I are smitten!  

As for camp, it was another good day.  Our sick kids are better, the weather was cooler, and dare I say it...the mosquitoes may have even been less!  
Tomorrow is our last full day and I'm sure it will be a fun one.  

But tonight, I'm going to go kiss this sweet little face and lay in bed thanking God for her!  
Because if I haven't said it already, she is so darn cute!!


Darla said...

She is adorable! LOVE that close-up shot of her with her hand in her mouth. I'm so thankful the Lord blessed you and Travis with her! (and Carter!!!)

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my word... look at that face!!!! That close up shot of her is BEAUTIFUL... those eyes!

And love her lounging against the best fur-blanket ever! :)

A friendship bracelet - how precious is that! For such a little girl, she's gotta be the most popular kid at camp!!!

Donna said...

She IS absolutely adorable!!! And she looks like a big girl because soon she will be the big sister!!

Jesse and Stacie said...

oh Pagey you are the cutest ever!! :) love you to pieces...aunt stacie