Looking For a Good Deal??

Today I have a little treat for you :) 
Do you dream of "all things home" like me??  Do you love when the pottery barn catalog comes in the mail or when your girlfriend wants to take a trip to restoration hardware??  

Are visions of kitchen tables dancing in your head...
or area rugs...
or barstools...
...keeping you awake at night??  

In all of my re-arranging/re-purposing over here, I've been spending a little more time online, looking for  things we need and of course, things I just love to drool over :) Well imagine my delight when one of those places contacted me and asked me to do a review of one of their products!!  So, while I browse through their many sites, CSN stores is letting me choose something and asking me to share my thoughts after we receive it, with you :)  You know I'm all about great deals and they have TONS of them!!  So, stay tuned to see what I choose and what we think of it!  In the meantime, have a little fun browsing the CSN stores for your own inspiration!  


Jesse said...

Steph, pick from the "Bean Bag Chairs" category!! (Do it for Ryley - and me)! :)

petrii said...

WOW how cool!!! Looking forward to see what you pick out and to tell you my opinion =)

Have a Blessed evening,