Today was a fun day from start to finish!  This morning, Travis called from his soccer practice to invite Ava and I to join him with his team at Perkins for breakfast :) They have their first game tomorrow and so today was a light practice, followed by a team breakfast.  It was perfect timing, I had just showered and Ava had only woken up minutes earlier.  We hopped in the car and went!  Ava loved it, she said "hi" to all the boys and waved when they smiled at her .  She also ate her breakfast with a big grin on her face and enjoyed all the attention :) I love when he includes us in things like this...It's fun to be the coach's wife and for Ava and I to participate in Trav's world as much as we can!  
This afternoon, we took a little trip to a local farmer's market.  Travis has taken Ava here a few times, but I've never gone, so this time I tagged along.  We bought some sweet corn and some fresh produce but then I discovered why they like to come here so much!  There are some little pigmy goats and chickens out back and of course, they're just begging to be fed.  Against my better judgement and germs, Travis fed them and Ava squealed with delight over it :) 
But she wasn't totally sure about all the "begging" noises they were making!
They also have a great playground in the back and we spent some time letting her slide and swing.  She is definitely becoming a park lover!  She has mastered the slide thing and she loves the swings now too.  I just can't believe how quickly she is growing up and transitioning from a toddler into a little girl.  
Her Daddy is so good to her and I am so thankful for the relationship they are forming.  She is a blessed little girl and I am a blessed Mommy.  I married a great man, who also happens to be a wonderful Daddy!  
BUT, the REAL story of the day actually happened tonight...
When our "little" Ava officially moved into her "big girl" bed!!
I'm letting you have a little sneak peak into "the room" so that you can see what we were up to today :) 
While I organized and got some things ready, Ava helped her Daddy set up her new bed rail.  
I've been planning this transition for months and trying to figure out how to make it happen as smoothly as possible.  Who knows if it's going to work, but as we let her explore it for the first time, she seemed to  love it!
She brought her important stuff with her...her baby and my her ipod!
Does she look old or what??
And of course she posed for us while we both took tons of pictures to document the big move!
We bought a daybed for her and I cushioned it as much like her crib as I could so that she would have an easy time falling asleep in it.  It must seem huge to her!  So has at least 2 times the space she had in her crib and she looks like such a peanut in there.  
It's night one of our big move and after an extended time of holding her and singing to her, she went right down without a peep!  She's been asleep for about 2.5 hours now and we're holding out hope that she'll sleep all night with no problems.  I think naptime will be the actual test for this move, but we'll worry about that tomorrow!  I see this picture of her and it makes me happy and sad all at once.  I love how old she is getting and what a sweet little girl she's becoming, but I'm so sad about how quickly time is passing and how she's changing right before our eyes!  I could just cry thinking about it.  

It was a big day for all us and I know, in light of all the bigger milestones ahead, this was just a drop in the bucket.  But tonight it feels like a major "splash" in our little world and I'm trying to process it and enjoy it for what it is, rather than fall apart in a puddle of Mommy tears :) 

We love this little girl so much and I bet there will be a race in the morning between us, as we run to her room the second she makes a peep!  We're both dying to see her little face again in that big bed!  I'll let you know how the move is going after a few days and I'm promising some real pictures of her new room very soon!  It's been a fun filled, exciting day and one I hope to always remember in my heart....

Have a blessed weekend!


Donna said...

Cute new BIG girl bedroom!!!! congrats AVA!

Ron and Peggy said...

You ARE growing up too fast. Where'd my brick go? Put it back on your head, please!

Amy said...

Her bed looks so comfy :-) What a big girl :-)

Amber said...

She is growing up! Wow! I remember making that move with Ella, and thinking there was no way she was old enough to be in that huge bed all by herself! She was the same age as Ava is now. Funny thing is, I look at Brynn and think there is no way she is old enough for a big bed! Its amazing how much I've babied the second one. Probably because I can, and she doesn't have to move to a big bed yet to free up the crib! :) Love the pics! She's just so sweet!

Darla said...

She looks like a cute little peanut in that bed!!! Love it:)

Erin said...

love that last picture of her standing with her name above her head.. so cute. I hope to get avin a day bed when she is done with her crib!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Stephanie!
I've been absent for so long from BloggyLand and cannot believe how much Ava has grown! She is super cute and I know you enjoy seeing her grow. I miss "seeing" ya'll and hope to catchup more as time permits!
Love, hugs and prayers,