6 Months Old!

Before this month is gone, I need to get this 6 month update posted :)
Oh man, are you cute or what???
I can't believe we're half way through your first year Carter!  Where is the time going?  I love this age and stage because in so many ways, you are changing and growing.  It feels like you are learning new things overnight and always keeping us on our toes!  As you've grown older, that wild hair of yours finally reached it's end...
After watching you play one morning, I decided it was time for a big boy haircut.
So after your bath, I cut your sweet hair.
And just like that, you went from baby to boy :)
Not to mention from brunette to blonde!
No more faux hawk, but boy are you handsome!!
And happy. 
Seriously happy, all the time. 
You are always smiling and giggling and cooing Carter. 
Ok, you are human, so you do have your moments. 
But for the most part, you are just a people pleaser with joy in your heart :)
Much like your Daddy!
This month we've transitioned from nursing to bottles, most of the day.  I still love to feed you in the mornings and you seem to like it too :) You are now eating lots of fruits, veggies and rice cereal.  You love to sit at the table with us and eat while we do.  You get very sad when we leave you out! 
Your sister is a big help to me and she loves to try and do things for you when she's in the mood :)
This lasted for all of 2 minutes, but at least she tried!  You love it when she's anywhere near you.  You get a big smile on your face and your eyes just follow her all over the place.  It makes us happy to see your relationship grow.
We haven't gone to your 6 mo appt yet, so I'm not sure what your stats are, but I can tell you just continue to get longer and bigger because your clothes are getting tighter and shorter!  You wear mostly 6-9 mo clothes and I need to go buy you some new socks because your feet are apparently growing too :)
See??  Those are some big feet buddy!
You learned to sit up this month, which is a huge development!!  You love to sit with your toys now, but you get tired after a few minutes so we still have to make sure your fall is cushioned just in case!
You and your sister have done a swap lately for naps!  You take a big nap in your crib each morning, but in the afternoon, I have to put your monkey sister in your crib to nap and you end up napping in her bed :) So far it's working for both of you, but someday soon you'll get your own crib back full time!  Thankfully, you seem to sleep wherever I put you and you aren't scooting around too much yet.  At night you are sleeping from around 8:30-5:30, then you eat and go back to sleep until around 9:00.  You nap about 2-3 hours in the morning and then 2 in the afternoon.  I appreciate that Carter :) Let's keep that up!
We sure love you Carter! 
Happy 6 months :)
Can't wait to see what this next month will bring!


Darla said...

Love the haircut, big boy Carter:) Happy 6 months!

Erin said...

look how big he is getting and omg they both sure look alike!! wow it is crazy how much they look alike :)

Ron and Peggy said...

Little lovey!

Toni :O) said...

He is so handsome...he sure is growing fast but he's oh so CUTE! Happy six months!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Oh Carty you are so cute/sweet/handsome! I love your new haircut too. And your big smile. xoxo