Comparison, for Comparison's Sake Only!

I know, I know. Never compare your children, it only leads to hurt feelings and bitterness.  I so agree, however, in this case I'm going to say comparison is totally ok!  I have all sorts of things I should be doing this afternoon before my big kids get home tomorrow, but all I really want to do is look at pictures of all three of my babies to see who Walker looks like!  We've said he looks like Carter from the first look we got of him and I still think that's true, but I also see some similarities to Ava too.  
But that's just what I think, maybe you see something differently??  Here are some fun pics from memory lane and some facts about each of our kids to go along with them.  Enjoy! 
 Ava- 7lbs, 2oz and 21" long.  Ava is still my littlest baby! 
Carter- 8lbs, 4oz and 22" long with a 13.5" head!  Yep, Carter wins the award for my biggest baby! 

Walker- 7lbs, 15oz, 21.5" long with a 13.5" head!  Walker is right in the middle of his big sister and brother, but his head is the same size as Carter's, which makes the c-section a very good call!  Carter got stuck during his delivery, largely because of his giant head.  I am very, very thankful we didn't try that again.  

I'm thinking they all have the same nose  :) 

Ava and I, after a pretty smooth first delivery.  7.5 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing.  Pretty good for my first time!
 Carter and I, after a not-so smooth emergency c-section.  14 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing and all of it ended in emergency surgery.  A stark contrast from the first time around!
 Walker and I after a scheduled c-section.  No labor, baby out in 15 minutes and an hour total of surgery from beginning to end.  I think it's obvious from this picture that this was the best possible delivery!  I don't look like I went through the war and I didn't have to do any work!  Although we certainly didn't choose a c-section for convenience but rather on the recommendation from several OB's in my group, it certainly was way easier than I imagined.  I'm so thankful we took the low risk choice for both Walker and I, especially now that we know how big his head was!  
  Pure bliss with Ava
Pure bliss with Carter
Pure bliss with Walker
Ava, an April baby
Carter, an October baby
Walker, a June baby

First time Daddy with Ava!  She was born at 3:17pm.
Second time Daddy with Carter.  He was born at 8:54pm.
Third time Daddy, with Walker.  He was born at 11:31am. 

Pure joy with Ava
Pure joy with Carter
Pure joy with Walker
Mr. Handsome, ready to take Ava home.  She weighed 6lbs., 11oz when we left. 
Mr. Handsome, ready to take Carter home.  He weighed 7lbs., 10oz when we left. 
Mr. Handsome, ready to take Walker home.  He weighed 7lbs., 5oz. when we left. 
All girl!
All boy!
All boy! 
Loving the swing and a paci. 
Loving the vibrating lamb seat and no paci. 
Loving the swing and a paci. 

And just for fun, I pulled a few pics out of just the boys to see just how similar they are...
Two long boys and full heads of dark hair! 
Both boys love to be swaddled and wrapped in soft blankies.
Snoozing in the same gown at the hospital.
Same big hands and feet! I think maybe Walker's hair is just a little darker than Carter's even.  Carter had just a little lighter, slightly reddish tint than Walker so far.  But Walker has extremely light eyebrows so we're guessing he'll go blonde too over time.  

Kind of fun to look back and see Walker in the mix now too, right??  
So, who do you think he looks like??
  One thing is for certain, Walker is an Armstrong through and through, doing so many things just like his big brother and sister and we are SO glad to have him in our family! 

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