Special Summer Memories

I'm looking backwards tonight at a few fun things Ava and Carter got to do the week before their little brother made his debut.  In all the chaos of that last weekend, this post never got published but I'm putting it up now because they made some fun memories that I want them to know and remember.  
If you'll remember with me, Travis was gone at junior high summer camp all week and we were praying, praying that Walker would stay put.  Here I am at my last OB appt at 38 weeks.  Hard to believe the end was finally here after all those months of appointments.  I remember feeling the same way with Ava and Carter when I was pregnant too.  At the beginning it seems like forever until the end draws near but then suddenly, here it is! My Mom was with us all week, which was wonderful, and I was thankful for her help and her presence in case we needed to put our "Plan B" into practice!  Ha!
My sweet girlfriend invited us over to swim at her in-laws one beautiful day, which was such a fun treat for the kids and my Mom and I.  It was a gorgeous June day and we all enjoyed the chance to cool off and catch some rays in their beautiful pool! 
Super Mom!
The Grandmas watching all the fun!
It was a tough sell for this slide at first, but it sure didn't take long to convince Ava or Carter to try it.
It's safe to say it was tons of fun!

Although I was in the pool, I was so thankful for Eleisia standing in my place and catching my kids 500 times!  I was so pregnant and that slide was so fast, there was no way I could have caught them without all of us going under...and Walker possibly making an early entrance! 
I was not in the mood for a water birth that day! 

We had SUCH a fun time and we all left tired and full from pizza and snacks!  When we got home, we all took naps, which my Mom and I were hoping for because we had a pretty big night planned for both Ava and Carter.  We all needed the extra sleep to see us through!
We have a great dinner theater just a few miles from our house that is one of the best in the midwest.  This spring and summer they have been debuting the stage version of The Little Mermaid, which just happens to be Ava's favorite movie and princess of all time!  My Mom surprised her with tickets, which was THRILLING to Ava, who saw commercials for the show and had been dying to go.  
Of course she wanted to dress in all things "Ariel" and she even brought along her little purse with her Ariel Barbie, a little Flounder, a little Sebastian and her Ariel lip gloss.  
A girl has her priorities you know!   
Such a fun night for both my Mom and Ava.  She was SO excited she could barely contain herself.  They had tickets for dinner and the show, which was a sweet surprise for her too!
My Mom raised 3 girls so she is no stranger to the Disney princesses.  She was totally prepared to enjoy this with many years of practice behind her!  
She texted me lots of fun pictures and gave me updates all night long about Ava's reaction to the whole thing.  It was quite a night for her, the show started at 8pm and didn't end until almost 10:45pm!  But Ava sat still as a statue and took the whole thing, loving every minute.  She was barely able to make it home without falling asleep but she didn't miss a minute of Ariel and got in the car telling me how "Fabulus" the whole thing was!  So grateful to my Mom for taking her and giving her such a thrill during a long week without Daddy and with a Mommy who could barely do anything.  
It was a memory Ava will not forget, she still talks about it! 
While Ava and Grammy were having a ball, Carter and I had a special night planned too!  Trav's sister was in town from Florida for a conference and we got to meet her for dinner at Mall of America.  I barely waddled my way in the Mall from the parking lot without lots of contractions and she graciously offered to take Carter for an hour of fun on all the rides he could squeeze out of her!!  He was a little crabby when we got there but the mere mention of rides turned his outlook right around! 
He conquered his fear and rode the giant Ferris Wheel...
...enjoyed a few rounds on the Carousel...
...drove his favorite big rigs and convinced her to ride a bunch more too! 
I relaxed on a bench and enjoyed some great people watching while many people took one look at my big tummy and did their own people watching at my expense! It was such a great night and we loved seeing Aunt Shaye.  Carter had such a good time and I was thankful he got to do something special while Ava was also was being treated to fun night out.  Unfortunately she had to leave the day before Walker was born but even for the short time we got to see her, it was great!  Only wished Ava and Trav could have been with us too.  

We did lots of other things that week, but this was one special day!  I am so thankful for friends and family who came around us that week to help but also to make fun memories with Ava and Carter during a week that could have been much more stressful and exhausting without them.  I could not have made it without them!  

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