Meanwhile, in Iowa...

Last week Travis and I squeezed in a couple of hours alone before Texie went home and Trav got on a plane for a mission's trip.  It was a short bout of freedom but oh so worth it!  We managed to run to Costco for new luggage and then to the mall while we got the oil changed in the van.  Yes, it was a glamourous night out!  ha ha!  We didn't care.  It was our first trip without all three kids with us and we enjoyed every second!
The night before he left, he said his goodbyes to Walker and said he hoped he'd be sleeping through the night by the time he came back! 
Wishful thinking, but I'm hoping for the same thing!
He had to be at the airport early in the morning so we woke the kids and they got some last minute snuggles and kisses in.  
 After I got back it was time for the rest of us to pack up too!  But first this little guy needed a bath.  Trav's Mom took some pictures of the chaos for special attention to Ava and Carter in the background.  
 They love to watch Walker get a bath but it makes them nervous while he cries.  They often stand there with their fingers in their ears! Ha!   
I always have to reassure them that we're not hurting him and that I'll be done in just a few minutes...
He usually cries at the beginning but eventually settles down when the warm water runs down his back and in his hair.  Gotta love a clean baby!!
Especially when his freshly washed hair looks like this!
Totally handsome for sure  :) 
And a little temperamental too...

We had big plans of our own while Travis was away, we had to get ourselves to Iowa so that these two  cousins could meet! 
 My nephew Sawyer is only 4 months older than Walker and we were anxious to get to my parents' house so we could see him too and so that Walker could meet his Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dave for the first time.  We wasted no time going on a walk with these two babies in the double stroller!  
Aren't they cute??
We also had a very special traveler to pick up from the airport for our drive down to Iowa.  My sister Stacie flew in for the week and we were so excited to have her.  
Walker was excited to meet her for the first time too! 
So sweet. 
 Grampy and Walker, reunited again.
 There are no shortage of arms for this boy to sleep in!
 The big kids were also thrilled to get to my parents' house so they could have lots of fun too!
Love this big girl!
 Summer and sprinklers.  They just go together perfectly, don't they? 
 The weather here has been gorgeous, although unseasonably cooler than normal.  They were loving the idea of the sprinkler but it was a little chillier than they would have liked.  Amazing how kids can overcome that and just keep playing though.  I know I wouldn't have lasted in ice-cold water!
 Also, no matter how many water toys you have, a plastic cup is still their favorite thing to play with!
 With the addition of Sawyer and Walker in the mix, the boys are officially taking over in our family.  
 Carter definitely has some buddies to play with in a few years! 
 Every morning it's big news when Walker and I emerged from our bedroom.  We're always greeted with lots of "Hi Walker!  Good morning, Walker!"  and "Can I hold him Mom?"  So sweet.  
Grammy is the nighttime snuggler while Walker takes his last little snooze before bed.
 We took advantage of the beautiful nights as often as we could.  
 Sawyer is already being indoctrinated into the Hawkeye fan club...
 Walker will be right behind him!
 The kids found the american flags and suddenly it was Memorial Day all over again!
 And Walker just slept through it all!
 We tried to have a little cousin meet n' greet but Walker was clearly not in the mood!
 Sawyer was un-phased by his fussy cousin, thankfully.  
Walker is exactly like Carter was, one of his favorite things is to be in your arms while throwing his head back to look at you, arching his back until you swear he's doing a backbend!  So odd, but it's just what Carter used to do too.  
Cool enough for a little sweatshirt and sunny enough for a hat, gotta love that forecast!
We took the kids to the splash pad one afternoon and they got a good luck at the river with Grampy.  
They've been doing lots of fun things every day and painting is one of their latest loves.  Ava has been into watercolors for awhile but Carter recently decided he wanted to try too and he did great!
Meanwhile, Walker and I have been doing lots of bonding in the Baby Bjorn during those fussy times at dinnertime and at night.  
We are anxious to see Daddy again, although we are doing just fine and I am especially enjoying all the extra hands and help!  It's a beautiful summer week in Iowa and we are making the most of it for sure! 

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