That Hospital Life

We are home again now, but I have lots of sweet pics from our 4 days in the hospital this week.  Because of my c-section, we got an extended stay with Walker, just like we did with Carter.  I'll tell you up front, I'm one of those people who loves the hospital part of giving birth!  I like being here with all the doctors and nurses in case we need extra help; I like the opportunity to rest and recover without being rushed; I like the break from all my responsibilities at home; and I love the chance to enjoy my new baby!
 Each time I've been in the hospital with the kids, I have cherished those early days and all the memories we made together.  Getting extra days to recover from a surgery is a gift and I am never in a rush to go home! I've now experienced three different kinds of birth and each of them have had their challenges and their benefits.  With Ava I was just overwhelmed, overjoyed and in awe the whole time  and I soaked up all that my nurses told me while I was there, after a very smooth first delivery.  With Carter I was totally wiped out and on heavy pain meds from his birth that left me exhausted and a little out of it for the first few days.  I did a lot of resting and trying to feel better from all the trauma of bringing Carter into the world and I found that I really needed every day that I was able to be there.  This time with Walker, I was anticipating a long stay and imagining that I would need every day to feel better and heal.  Thankfully, I still got that long stay but I have been surprised at how much better I've felt and how smoothly this recovery has gone.  
I'm also so grateful for Trav and his willingness to stay with me all week, sleeping on an uncomfortable pull-out bed so that we could get to know Walker together and he could help me while I recovered.  After a busy week of being gone at camp and away from the kids and I, this past week has been so much fun to be together and to just chill out day after day with Walker.  
We've had lots of this and not much else, which has been wonderful.  
All week we've looked at Walker and seen Carter in him.  He reminds us so much of what he looked like as a baby, I've got to dig out Carty's baby pics to see them side by side.  It's been so fun to embrace all things blue again! 
 Look at that sweetness all wrapped up! 
Although he looks so much like Carter to us, he definitely has his own look too.  He's much smaller than Carter was and bigger than Ava.  But he still has the same dark hair that Carter was born with and the cutest little eyes and nose.  
We got some beautiful flowers from my cousin Jenny to enjoy all week!
 But mostly we've just been enjoying him.  
 It was so fun to have friends and family stop by, I didn't get everyone on my camera but I got some...

 Most of our days and nights were spent like this...
 We had a beautiful view to enjoy on some gorgeous sunny days
It was so nice outside but all the excitement was really in room 421!
This wild-haired, tiny boy stole our hearts all week!
 We wore him out too with all of our snuggles and kisses.
 This is probably one of the only weeks in Walker's life when he gets to be the "only child" so we made sure to love him up! 
 The hospital had a sweet cake delivered to our room which was a fun snack to enjoy!
 And I was truly blessed with such GREAT nurses to take care of me all week.  This was my nurse who we later discovered goes to our Church!  She even has a son in Junior High with Trav!!  She was wonderful and I got to have her several times.  I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with the staff.  I will always love nurses (because of my Mom) and we all know that they do the really hard work of taking care of patients round the clock.  I also loved my doctor, who has now delivered all three of our kids.  He's such a nice man and he did a great job with both of my c-sections.  I am grateful at the way the Lord even orchestrated that so that we could have him again.  
This was my delivery room nurse who came up to check on me the next day and told me we were one of her favorite couples to be with.  How sweet is that?  She was especially wonderful because she walked me through everything and knew I was doing my best to be brave about the whole thing after the memories of Carter's c-section.  Honestly, she made my experience so much better and was so kind to me the whole morning.  I am grateful for her and I was so glad she came up to see me again! 
 We had a great 4 days in the hospital with the cutest little boy in the world!  We enjoyed calling room service for all our meals, got some decent sleep here and there, and just loved being together with nothing more to do than eat, sleep, snuggle and repeat.  
And of course, we loved bonding with our little Walker.  He is as precious as we knew he'd be and he was worth all the aches and pains of pregnancy to get him here!  I already can't believe we're home again or that he's 5 days old today!  There's something to be said for the isolation of the hospital that shelters you from reality a little bit.  I won't say that I'm not glad to be home, but I did shed a tear or two leaving the cocoon of the hospital behind!  Suddenly I have a lot more to do and things to keep up with around here, not to mention a 5 year old and 3 year old who haven't even come home yet! 

But that hospital life can't last forever...even though I really loved almost all of it  :) 

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