3 Months Old

Believe it or not, but we have a 3 month old in our house! This has been a big month of development for our Walker and he is just changing all the time right now.  I know I've said this a million times about each of my kids and I'm sure I'll continue to say it, but we just LOVE him!!  
Walker is such a delight to our family and we just adore him.  To think he is already three months old is crazy.  The months seem to be dropping off the calendar at a rapid pace but it is so fun to see another little one in our family and to experience all of his "firsts" together.  One of the sweetest milestones this month is seeing Walker's big smile everyday.  He has really taken to each one of us and he typically lights up when we say his name and smile at him.  He's a little heart melter already. 
He also makes us laugh for reasons like this!!!  His hair after a bath is always super soft and it stands on end forever, which is hilarious because it's so long and stick straight.  He resembles a certain little Disney character, doesn't he??  
Walker's big sister and brother continue to love their new roles.  This month they helped give him a bottle or two, which was super cute and helpful. 
They are learning to be helpful and to understand what Walker needs or how to keep him happy.  
He is such a lucky little brother to have such adoring siblings.  He loves to watch them and to smile back when they talk to him.  I'm sure they will all clash here and there as they grow up together, but it is so fun to see their bond begin to form and to see Ava and Carter welcome Walker to their little relationship too.  I know these are the easy days compared to what's down the road, but as their Mom I am sure enjoying their interactions and I continue to thank the Lord for blessing us with three kids.  Each one of them is precious. 
We've been doing more and more tummy time this month and Walker does a pretty good job.  He can lift his head up with no problem but after awhile he just decides he'd rather lie down than look around.  It's interesting to think about what his personality might be like, I seem to remember Carter squawking a lot during tummy time, maybe Walker will be as laid back as he seems! 
For sure this month our little guy has become not so "little!"  He has chunked up considerably and remains a great eater.  Look at those rolls!  He's so squishy and yummy! He is pretty predictable and eats anywhere between 3-4 hours a day unless he's napping.  He is getting so big that he keeps growing out of his clothes like a little weed!  He's wearing 3-6 months right now but barely.  Mostly he's in 6 month clothes and I'm finding myself buying ahead to keep up with him!  Carter grew exactly like this and has stayed at the top end of the charts so I'm guessing Walker is going to follow in his footsteps.  
This was a month of discovery for Walker, I happened to get this picture when he discovered the toys hanging above his swing for the first time!  Love that expression! 
We pulled out the activity mat this month and that has been our new go-to spot for him.  For the first few times we put him there he just stared at everything, probably wondering what in the world it was??
Even though the little lamb seat and the swing have been so good to us, they are about to be packed up as Walker is outgrowing them already.  It's hard to believe that the newborn stage is really over now, we are transitioning in many ways.  Leaving the swing and the vibrating seat behind is one of them.  
I'm still very happy to get as much snuggle time as I can, in between all the other things I'm trying to do all day.  Walker still likes to be carried but he is a little less sleepy in it than he used to be!  Now he wants to look around the whole time and check out what everyone else is doing.  It's still helpful for me to have him in there, I'm starting to understand that anything that helps me do several things at once is necessary now! 
Probably more than any other spot, Walker can be found in his carseat.  Such is the life of the youngest child!  From soccer games to the daily carpool lane, Walker spends a lot of time in here.  I sort of hate it for him but honestly he doesn't have much choice.  Thankfully he's usually pretty happy in that seat! 
This is one of my favorite pictures from the month! That little monkey is with him quite a bit now, he loves to bury his face in it and pull it close to him.  He also has a little elephant and a bear blankie that he loves.  It's so funny to see him recognize them and pull them close.  Ava and Carter get a big kick out of that, especially since they picked those out for him before he was born. 
This is the look he gives me after he eats. 
It's so cute and I think I could safely say he seems pretty satisfied here! 
For the most part Walker is mellow...
...but when he does get worked up...
...he lets us know it!  Usually it's only because he's hungry, his diaper needs to be changed or he's ready for a nap.  Beyond that he is a pretty content baby and we are grateful. 
We got Walker's room all ready for him this month and I'm happy to say he is now napping in here on a regular basis and any night now, he'll be sleeping here too.  We did indeed hit the "sleep through the night" milestone and it has been wonderful!!  He saved it until a few days before he turned 3 months but now he is consistently sleeping all night long.  The kids are dying for him to sleep in his crib near them at night, they think that is so great! I'm looking forward to it too.  
Carter and Walker spend a lot of time together now with Ava in school.  Carter loves him like crazy and is so anxious for him to play.  Most of the time he does great at being gentle, occasionally he gets a little more aggressive with his "love" than we'd prefer, but Carter is a sweet big brother.  I'm relishing the days when they are still "quiet" together because I know very soon that will be a completely foreign concept! 
Carter loves to remind me that I'm the only girl when Ava is at school.
I've officially become outnumbered! 
We introduced Walker to the world of football this month!  Clearly he's thrilled to be a Hawkeye! 
Lots of our days are routine now and although I almost always have to wake Walker up to take Ava to school or to pick her up, he rolls with the changes fairly well.  
I don't think I ever woke Ava or Carter up from naps but we never really had to be anywhere!  As often as I can I try to make time for at least one really long and uninterrupted nap everyday.  Usually he is sleeping about 2 hours in the morning and about 2-3 in the afternoon.  
I love that little face!!  I think we might have a character on our hands! 
When the weather has cooperated, Walker has experienced a lot of the great outdoors!  We've put him in the jogger for many walks, for runs with Trav, and tons of soccer games.  
When Ava gets home from school everyday, she loves to do a little "catch-up" with her littlest brother.  She is such a great helper and like a second mommy to Walker.  Often I don't have to ask her to check on Walker, she's already right there trying to find his paci or singing to him.  
Daddy spends lots of time with Walker at night after the big kids are in bed.  That's usually my time to unwind or get something done while Trav is happy to hold Walker and get his snuggles in.  
He loves his Daddy so much and loves to be in his arms.  I love seeing moments like these! 
Over these three months, the name we all use the most is Walkie.  Daddy likes to call you "Walkie Talkie", Carter refers to you as "Walk" and Ava and I say "Walkie-boy" a lot.  I taught the kids a little song I've sung to each of them about their names and now they love to sing it to Walker as well.  You know your name and you turn your head to find us and follow our voices.  
Just last week you began finding toys for the first time!  Now you like to reach out and hold on to things or try to put them in your mouth even.  It's so fun to see and a little bittersweet.  That always seems like such a grown up thing to do.  
We are making memories together and doing lots of things at home right now.  
It seems we are on the go so much for daily life that when we can just do nothing at home, we are all on board.  Walker has now enjoyed our "Friday Family Movie Nights" for most of his young life.  He typically naps halfway through it, but he seems to be a fan! 
He and I are still best buds, spending the most time together. 
I can get so many faces and expressions out of him, here we were discussing his facebook :) Ha ha! 
Look at that grin, is he a crack-up or what??
Walkie, you are such a great baby. 
We love you so much and can't believe how big you are getting.  
Even when you're sad, you are still such a gift to our family.  
You were loved from the first day we knew about you and now you've found your place and made us complete as a family of 5. 
You are one loved little brother!
I know the next month will continue to bring lots of development and change for you and we can't wait to see it all unfold.  
You are so sweet Walkie, happy 3 months!  
We are so thankful for you!!

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