The Brothers, Big & Little

We can't believe how quickly the days are slipping by and how fast our baby Walker is growing!  Just recently he took a liking to the Bumbo seat, although this picture might make you think otherwise...
 He likes it for only 10 minutes or so and then he's totally over it and starts crying or yelling loudly.  With no warning and no warm up.  Just goes from happy and content to ticked off and vocal in 2 seconds. He's all boy! But while he's still happy in there, all of us like to take advantage of getting on the same level with the "big boy" and none more so than Carter.  
It has been so sweet to watch Carter grow into his new role as Big Brother.  Until Walker arrived on the scene, the little brother role belonged to Carter but he has graciously handed it over and is becoming a wonderful older sibling.  He loves Walker like crazy, sometimes a little too crazy if you know what I mean!  But since these two spend their days together now, it is so darling to watch their affection for one another grow.  
We still have to watch them closely and make sure Carter isn't being too rough or too active while he's running around, but more times than not, he will stop and come over to Walker so that he can kiss him or talk to him or try to give him a hug.   Again, the level of "gentleness" he uses is a work in progress but I love the tenderness in his heart for his brother.  
He's started introducing strangers to his "baby brudder Walkie" when we are out and he is more than happy to do what he can to see Walker smile or giggle back at him.  Sooner than later the days of these two running wild together will come but right now it's fun to see Carter anticipate every new thing Walker does, dreaming about how they can play together soon.  It's also fun to see Walker interact with Carter now.  He's a little cautious (read: scared) with him sometimes when Carter is loud and in his face, but mostly he just grins and tries to talk to him.  
I love that these two will have each other to play with and likely fight with too...whomp, whomp.   Carter has always had Ava to do that with and they are the best of buddies, but it's already different to imagine what brothers will do with (and to) each other very soon.  I know Carter will be beside himself with joy when Walker is mobile around here, although that may change to dread when he starts messing with his toys (yikes!!!) but for now this phase is perfect. What a blessing for them to have each other, I hope they always realize that!

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