Special K

A few weeks ago we had good reason to celebrate!  For weeks we were counting down the days until it was Ava's turn to be the "Special K" in her Kindergarten class.  Finally that day came in early October and it was exciting for one little strawberry blonde that we love! 
Part of her "reign" as Special K meant that she got to bring in a poster board with pictures and information all about who she is and what she likes.  We also filled out a little questionnaire that her teacher sent home and all week long she got to act as the weather girl, the line leader and some other things that are reserved for the Special K every week.  Ava talked about it non-stop for the two weeks prior to her turn, so believe me, we were ALL very ready for the big day to come just so we wouldn't have to talk about it anymore! ha! 
 She and I worked on her poster together.  She chose the pictures she wanted to use and asked me to draw her favorite things!  She came up with the following to describe her current favorites: School, coloring, princesses, spaghetti, family and Jesus.  I think those are perfect choices to sum up what makes Ava smile these days!  
We think she's a "Special K" every single day, but what fun for her and her classmates to get to know each other all year and to share about what makes each of them special.  
Not one to be left out of the fun and because he was represented heavily on Ava's board, Carter asked me to take his picture too!  Ha ha! He's our "Special Big Bro" these days!  

Kindergarten holds all kinds of fun surprises and this was a great one! 

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