The week of Carter's birthday we got a phone call from Trav's Mom who surprised us with the news that she could get to our house in 24 hours if we would have her?  You should have seen the state of my house when that phone call was so bad it was actually laughable!  I warned her that we had a crazy busy week, we were all sick with coughs and the house has never looked worse...But none of that matters when you're a Grandma who wants to see her grand babies, right??  We scrambled and pulled things together a little bit and then picked up Texie from the airport on a Tuesday after the boys and I got done with Bible Study at Church.  Someone was very happy to see her again!  
 She hadn't seen Walker since he was brand new so she had her eyes on him right away!  Thankfully he was all smiles and happy to have some extra attention all week.  He's about doubled in size since she was here last and he reminded her so much of Carter as a baby too.  I'm not sure we could have crammed more into that week and with everyone but Trav feeling sick, me especially, it was nice to have the extra help too.  By the end of the week we managed to get all of the laundry done, which is no small feat these days, and we did a million other things too.  
 It's a new novelty to have Ava gone all day at school when Texie is in town, but the boys were happy to have her to themselves too.  Especially Carter!  He was extra excited to have Texie here while he turned 4!  Can't you tell??
We didn't get to do much beyond what was already scheduled that week but we did pull together a little party for Carter on his big day and that was fun for everyone.  It was a whirlwind visit but we are thankful we got to see Texie unexpectedly for what would have been a hard and long week.  It's always funny to me when I think about how we have packed this condo to the rafters time and time again, but I'm thankful we've made it work and that it hasn't stopped us from having family come to see us.  Someday we hope to have a guest room and lots more breathing room for these visits, although I doubt I'll be any more on top of the housework! ha! Thanks for coming, Pam! 

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