Belated Anniversary Pictures

In all the chaos of camp, I forgot to post some pictures from our Anniversary...which of course, does not reflect how much I love my husband! This year we celebrated 4 years of marriage by going to a bed and breakfast for the first time. We were already on vacation in Iowa, so my parents gave us a night at this beautiful place in Dubuque, Iowa. Dubuque is on the Mississippi River and is a beautiful, historic city that was built on some gorgeous bluffs. The bed and breakfast we went to was called the Hancock House and is a historic home on a bluff, overlooking downtown and the pretty. We chose a room on the third floor because it had a hot-tub in the top of the tower, with an unbelievable view! So, how fun to celebrate our anniversary there.


Noah and Tucker's Dad said...

can you believe i'm commenting right after you posted it!! i'm at matt's office on the internet!! love the pics. the place looks gorgeous!!! life continues to be good, sweet, hectic, and adventurous all at the same time!! i keep thinking about you and wishing you were here to help us come up with decorating ideas for our youth space. maybe i shoud send you pics b/c it's way out of my league!! jen

sheltonfamily said...

I agree with Jenn can you come to TX and help me decorate our home? I love your pics and this part of Iowa looks pretty cool! Congrats on 4 years!