Home Again...

My husband is home and all is well with the world again! It's always fun when I have a few days to myself, but nothing compares to having my man home again. It's so quiet around here without him...imagine that! He was gone on a Pastor/Elder prayer retreat for a few days. I always love when Trav goes to prayer retreats because he comes home in such a good mood! That's one of my favorite things about our church and our leadership. Our Pastors and Elders are committed to seeking the face of God and not just his hand. I am so thankful that Trav gets to serve with such godly men...we love our church and after a summer of being busy, it's so nice to be home again and to once again, love on the people at Grace. God has been so good to us and I'm happy to say that I feel refreshed and excited about what God has in store for us this year, we both do. After our crazy, stressful summer...truly that is a miracle!

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amy said...

Steph... I know you're thrilled to have him home! What a blessing to have such a Godly staff to work under... the prayer retreat sounds like a perfect "planning time"... on your knees before the Almighty!

Love ya!