Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing...

Of course, despite the fun and games, the real reason we go to camp is to build relationships and point our students to Jesus. We play all those games to create a fun atmosphere and to let the kids see us be silly with them, but our real purpose at camp is to make sure these kids know where they are going to spend eternity and to help them see their need for salvation if they are unsure. This year we had 5 kids who accepted Christ on Thursday night and Travis baptized 10 students on Friday morning before we left...we consider both of those things, the greatest part of camp. It's such a blessing to look a student in the eye and hear them vocalize their love for Jesus and their need for him. Suddenly all the late nights, endless pranks, and irritating kids fade away and you realize why camp is so worth it! These are pictures of our baptism service yesterday...we always invite parents to come up and witness this awesome occasion in their son or daughter's life, and they are thrilled to drop everything and come. In addition to the kids, Travis baptized one of our counselors, Ellie, who I mentored this year. What a fun way to end the week!

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