Yes, we get paid to do this!

We are gone this week at Junior High camp, but I thought you'd like these pictures of us getting ready to go! Our theme this week is "seeking the ultimate treasure" so everything we are doing is pirate themed...this is us, getting our pirate costumes ready the night before! We asked all the staff and counselors to come to registration dressed as pirates, to get the kids excited, and we're also dresssing up one night at camp with all the kids for a party...funny, huh? We do get some wireless internet here, so I'll check in this week with pictures and updates, but for now, enjoy our silliness!! Oh, and Ryley is dressed up too because he's at camp with us and having a great time(he told me)...he's playing with all of our students and Travis took him swimming in the lake today...he lives quite a life for a dog!!

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sheltonfamily said...

Very nice! You all fit the pirate look. The kids will love the party night. It reminds me of Kanakuk! It's also fun that Rylie is there! I'm sure he loves the lake almost as much as you do! j/k! Enjoy your week and the yummy food.....