Talent to speak!

It's tradition to have a "talent show" every year and this year we had appearences from The Spice Girls; N'SYNC; and the Backstreet Boys...we pull out all the stops at JAM camp and bring in the heavy hitters!! The kids loved it...we have some great counselors who are willing to do anything to make the kids laugh!


amy said...


It looks like you all are having so much fun! I'm so glad you're able to be away at camp as a family... even with Ryley! It makes it so much easier! :) I think you and Travis need to quit your day job and become Pirates for Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney! :) You would be great! ;)

sheltonfamily said...

It looks like JAM camp was lots of fun. I am sure travis was so in his element! Hope you recover and enjoy your nice clean bed at home tonight!