Little Miss Ella Grace!!

One of my favorite things about our trip, was getting to meet my best friend Amber's new little girl! Miss Ella was awfully sweet and the proud owner of some big cheeks! She's just adorable and we had such a fun time holding her. Of course I wasn't thinking like a scrapbooker while we were there and I didn't take a picture of me with her, but I at least took some pictures of her and of Ella with my Mom. It's so weird to see my Mom with my best friend's baby...I had some flashes of what it will be like when she's holding my baby! Weird...and good! Anyway, the Sheeleys are doing well....considering they're getting no sleep and they're trying to deal with a whole new world of responsibility! I'll get so see them in September when I throw a shower for Amber and Ella with some of our friends. Enjoy those cheeks until then!!

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sheltonfamily said...

Very sweet.... We miss you all....