Ok...let's try this again...

So, last July I decided that I would join the blogging world, not because I have such wonderful things to say, but because it seems like a great way to update our family and friends on our ever-changing life. However, I failed miserably and only got 2 posts up before I got behind and forgot about it! I've been thinking about it lately and would like to give it a real try this time. Of course, it stresses me out that I'm so far behind and my blog is already inconsistent, but I'm going to try to get over that and lay my perfectionism down!

We are once again in the middle of a major change...we're moving again! This time it's only to a different suburb, but still a lot of work nonetheless! We bought a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo that we are very excited about and anxious to get into. We've started moving a few things and we've started re-painting the kitchen...I'm so tired. But, it's going to be great when it's all done!! I'll put pictures up soon.

I'm living with Ryley this week while Trav is skiing in Colorado. He's getting some much needed "guy time" and I'm getting lots of design time. It's always better if I move stuff around and come up with new color schemes when my husband is not around! My indecisiveness drives him crazy!! The blessings and curses of having a design mind...lots of great ideas, but no sleep while I lay(lie??) in bed and imagine new things.

Here are some recent pictures of me and my favorite guys. Ryley loved all the snow we got this winter, including the 20 inches we got about a month ago...he jumped around like a kangaroo in the huge drifts! Of course Travis is a newly crowned 33 year old, as of Monday. I'm sure he'll love me posting that! These pictures are from last Sunday when he preached at our Church...he was one good-looking Pastor! His sermon is still not online yet, but when it is I'll post the link so you can hear it.

We are trying to stay warm this's once again freezing in Minnesota. We even had snow yesterday. Not good. However, the sun was out all day today and somehow that makes me feel better! Here's hoping for a 40 degree day tomorrow!!

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