The Wedding Schedule Has Begun...

So, my sister Stacie is getting married in June, and we are now in the thick of the final 7 weeks! This last weekend, I drove down to Iowa for her shower, with lots of our family friends. We had a great time; she got lots of stuff; and it hit me that she's actually getting married!

I would have loved it even more, had I felt better. I've been battling a nasty virus for the last few days and it has basically wiped me out. I drove down Saturday morning with chills, a fever, and a horrible sore throat, but I couldn't miss it and God gave me just enough strength and energy to get there and back! After that I've basically been in bed for a couple of days trying to recover.

I tried on my bridesmaid's dress, and surprisingly, it fit! I only need a tiny alteration with the length of the spaghetti strap...I got lucky! It's very pretty, I can't wait to see all of us dressed up on that day. Even Trav will be in a tux! He's got double duty that day...he's a groomsman, but he's also doing part of the ceremony. Stace and Jesse asked him to do the vows, so he's looking forward to that. They are coming next weekend in fact, so we can do some intense pre-marital counseling! That should be interesting...I'm sure Stacie is going to love me telling her what to do all weekend!!

I'm posting pictures of my sisters and I, as well as my best friend Amber and I. Amber has been my best friend since birth (literally) and now she's about to give birth to her first! She's looking like a pregnant lady these was fun to see her. I'll post more pictures when my sister Jennie emails them to me...she's the brunette one; Stacie and I are the blondes. In fact, after my appointment yesterday, I'm even more blonde and I sort of look like malibu barbie...I think my stylist got a little carried away with my blonde head may be glowing!

My husband is calling for me, so I have to go...enjoy!

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