So far, so good...

It's Thursday today and I'm very ready for my husband to come home! I know he's having a great time, so that's good, but I miss him...and I'm pretty sure Ryley does too. Travis plays more with Ryley, so after a few days with me I really think he must be wondering when the fun is going to resume? He just gets lots of love and back scratching from me!

I realized this morning that I am sore and tired. I've been working and moving stuff everyday this week and so tonight I'm taking a break. I'm indulging in my cult obsession, The Office...which is supersized tonight!! I've been in withdrawl without Dwight and Michael for the last few weeks...nobody call me from 7-7:45pm. Just kidding. It is our favorite show and I'm sure Travis will be calling me for the update!

I'm putting some pictures up of the little guys I nanny for...Ben, Finn, and Barrett. Aren't they sweet? Of course they are so different from Olivia, but lots of fun. They are active with a capitol A! They keep me on my toes and they adore Travis! They ask me everyday if Travis is coming over and they usally don't hide their disappointment when I say he's at work! They are so cute and I love watching them. I still keep in touch with Olivia and I try to stay a part of her life. She is getting so old...she'll be 4 in June! I can't believe that. She's darling...just more beautiful than ever. I'll try to put a recent picture of her up as well. I'm hoping to see her this summer. Enjoy the boys!

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