Will spring ever come???

I feel as if I'm living in crazy-land! On Monday, it was almost 50 degrees...On Tuesday, it was 40 degrees...On Wednesday, we woke up to 3 inches of snow and we watched it snow all day...Today, it's sunny, the snow is gone and it's in the 40's again. What is going on??? Will we EVER have spring in Minnesota? I told Travis that I'm one snowstorm away from buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii! Do not let us go all winter next year, without going south for at least a week! I remember now why I moved to Florida in the first place!!

Despite my grumblings about the weather, we have had a great first week in our new home! We literally have said to each other, every night, "I love this condo!" There are so many things that we are thankful's been such a gift from the Lord to live here. We never expected something so nice or so perfect for our needs. Isn't that just like the Lord though? He always blows our expectations out of the water when we trust Him with our needs. That's the It certainly doesn't come easily, but it's worth the struggle.

Travis is gone tonight at an elder's meeting, so Ryley and I are chillin' on the couch. I keep telling myself that I'm going to rest and enjoy our new place, but everynight I find a new project to keep me busy! I have a giant stack of boxes that need to be broken down and some artwork that I'd like to's a wild Thursday night here at the Armstrongs!!

I'm going to post some more pictures of our guest room and our bedroom...and our closet, which I soon as I take them! I gotta go...The Office is about to be on!

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sheltonfamily said...

We thought it was cold here? haha... We only saw like 1/2 inch of snow all winter..... I love your new place. I'm sure you are making it just perfect! We watched the Office last night as well.....It was a pretty good one. Hope you have a good weekend!