Long time,'s been 2 weeks since I've updated this...sorry. I guess Life caught up with me and I've been A.) Too busy to fill you in and B.)Un-motivated to sit down and write about what we're, sorry to all my friends who actually read this (Holly Shelton, Amy Combs, and Jenny Lowe)!

We are officially in the craziness of summer. Travis was gone last weekend in Ely, Minnesota (on the border of Canada)with some junior high boys and their Dads camping and fishing and playing! They went to Big Lake (named I'm sure because it's, you know, "big") and stayed on their own island for 3 days...every guys's dream, right? Apparently it was great because they never had to worry about the boys running in the woods, as they were the only people on the island...also, this made for fantastic "night games", as I'm told, with their air soft guns! Travis had a blast and came home smelling like campfire and body odor...the marks of a truly great guys weekend! I had a fun couple of days to myself, during which I scrapbooked like crazy, and I just kept thinking, I'm so glad I'm not on that trip!!! Here are a couple of pictures of some of the boys before they left!

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