Wedding Details...

My Mom was the master of details for Stacie's wedding...she orchestrated some meaningful things into the day. Stacie's flowers were done by a friend of mine...the designer who trained me actually...and they were beautiful. My Mom had her put rhinestone initials on each of our bouquets (you can see the "J" on the ribbon of Jen's bouquet, and in Stacie's bouquet is an old earring of my Grandma's, my Mom's Mom. It was pretty in there and something my Grandma would have liked. Also, here is a picture of the cake...very Stacie. No flowers, no colors, just simple and classic, with a "B" for her new last name...Brass!

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sheltonfamily said...

wow... this is so pretty. I don't think many of these ideas or cool things were around when we got married 6 years ago! hope you all are having a great day!