Summer is offically here!

It's hot...and it's been hot, so I guess that means summer is here, right? I've had to get creative with my little guys and take them to indoor places during the day so we don't all melt in the heat. This last week was great, because it was Vacation Bible School at our church, so I took them up there to see Travis and to play and participate in the big rally times. I have to say that our VBS at Grace is truly amazing. I've never been a big fan of VBS, because the one I grew up attending was so lame. But, this one is totally fun and very cool for all the kids...we have over 800 kids every day and more than 400 volunteers that help run it. The themes are fun and the scheduled stuff is great, but my favorite part is the rally at the end of every day. It's full of silly games, drama and a music team made up of junior high and senior high students that do a wonderful job! The music that we do is all by Hillsong and it is loud, fast paced, worship style music with tons of actions...the kids go crazy!

What's very touching about the whole week is the mission's project that they choose every year. Because our church is huge on missions, we really push an offering every day that the kids give towards a project. This week it was an orphanage in Liberia that needs a building with a roof...we were hoping for $7,000 to build it and the kids brought over $8,000! Isn't that awesome? I work at the registrattion table all week and one of the things we do is count the really does come in lots of coins and $1 bills, but with so many kids giving $, it adds up fast. They gave over $4,000 on the last day to push us over the goal...what a fun day! I was reflecting on it later and I just couldn't help but picture the party in Heaven as that money came in and the kids were told they made their goal! I do think the Lord must take extra delight in seeing little children give with such pure hearts towards something that serves other people...isn't that a lesson for us? Who doesn't need a reminder to give with a joyful heart like that??? It speaks to me because the kids are rewarded with a party or candy for bringing money and it isn't a contest between genders or's really just a goal that we talk about everyday and that we try to get the kids to soften their hearts to kids all over the world. So rewarding. I really can't wait to put our own kids in it someday, I think they'll love it.

Anyway, here are the three little boys at this great indoor park that we go to in Edina. They had a total blast running around and playing this day...later that night, they went to their Grandparents house and Finn fell into a glass table and cut his head open, requiring 16 stitches to close it up! They are definately boys, but I'm so thankful that happened on their Mom's watch and not mine!!!

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sheltonfamily said...

Sounds like a fun week! The indoor park looks really cool. Ellie would probably like that she gets very distracted by the mulch at the outdoor parks! VBS sounds awesome as well. I'm sure it was a crazy week for you guys. We miss ya!