Wrapping up a busy weekend...

This is a classic Sunday night for us...we've been going non-stop all week and all weekend and now we are both watching TV, in seperate rooms, falling asleep!! Are we getting lame or what? We met someone for dinner tonight and I told Travis afterwards, "I don't want to just go home because I know we'll end up laying around, watching TV in seperate rooms"...and I was right. We lasted together, watching the same thing, for 5 minutes! We're turning into old farts who can't agree on what to watch!! Of course, we're both so tired that it doesn't really matter...half of the time I think we're both dozing off anyway.

Today we discovered the greatest secret spot behind our condo. To lay the groundwork for this story, you should know that we've been lamenting the fact that we don't currently have a gym membership anywhere, because we can't afford to do it right now. Last summer, because of a total fluke, a premier gym in town offered memberships at half-price to any Pastor, so when we found out, we totally jumped on that. It was (still is) a beautiful club with a great outdoor pool area, and we loved it...we went all summer. In August, the club ownership was bought out and you guessed it, the new owners did away with that great membership deal...they did offer us a new rate, but it was double what we were used to paying, so we of course declined. Bummer. This year, I drove by and discovered that they have totally remodeled the pool and added brand new, lush chairs...the ultimate insult. So, after I told Travis, we've been bumming around about not being able to join. (sidenote- in the grand scheme of life, I realize this is totally NOTHING to complain about, considering how 90% of the world lives, however, we are still bummed.)

So anyway, fast forward to this weekend, when we are having 2 extremely hot and humid days in a row. Naturally all we can think about is, what happened to our great pool???? We decided to take Ryley on a walk this afternoon, so he could run a little bit and we found a walking path that led down to a lake behind our condo. We've seen the lake from the road many times, but we never realized there was anything around it. So, low and behold, we discovered not only is there a little path around the whole lake, but there is also a little "beach" with a park right there...literally hundreds of feet from where we live! Then we noticed there were people swimming and floating in the lake as well and there were no signs prohibiting dogs from swimming either! Perfect!! We may have actually found a great spot to bring us a little free relief on a hot day...isn't that great? It was, for about 30 seconds...and then I remembered that I hate lakes, actually I despise lakes. I cannot take the thought of swimming in a body of water that I can't see through, knowing there are thousands of other "things" swimming along with me. And then I spotted 4 guys fishing on the other side and that sealed the deal...proof that I wouldn't be alone in the water. So, while we were very excited to find a lake right by our house, we both quickly agreed that it's more of just a lake we'd like to "walk around" instead of swim in! And so, back to square pool in sight!

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