The Beauty of Hawaii Mom tells me I would love all the flowers all over the island, like these hibiscus flowers behind them.

This makes me laugh, like teenagers writing in the sand..."Steve plus Debby"

I can't imagine beach weather right now...just looking at that water makes me want to jump in!

The classic Hawaiian greeting when you land...leis for everyone!

Isn't this soooo postcard perfect! I LOVE palm trees!!!

Seriously, could this water look any prettier???? And no, that man is not dead, floating in the water...just snorkeling!

I meant to post some of these pictures a few weeks ago, when my parents went to Hawaii with some friends for a much deserved vacation and a belated Anniversary celebration. This was their first time there and they had a wonderful time! We got to see them before and after they left because they flew out of Minneapolis, so that was fun. I am very glad they took a great vacation together in paradise. Everytime I look at their many pictures, it makes me wonder...if something this breathtaking exists on earth, how can we even imagine what Heaven will be like??? We can't! I'm just planning to ask the Lord for some beach-front property, if He's taking requests!!

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Jesse and Stacie said...

This is the first time I've seen any of their pictures!! Can't wait to see some more :)