The Mother of All Road Trips...

As you know, we have been gone for a week, attending a funeral in Texas. We left last Wednesday afternoon and we returned yesterday afternoon. Seven days of being gone, 4 days of driving...needless to say, we are sooooooo sick of the car! We would have loved to fly down, but it was just too expensive so we sucked it up and decided to drive instead. 3,000 miles later, we don't regret that decision but we don't plan on doing it again anytime soon!! We did break our trip up and we tried to make the most of it by seeing family, friends and tourist attractions along the way! One stop we made was in Dublin, Texas...A.K.A., the original site of the first Dr.Pepper plant, also the only place today where they make Dr. Pepper with Imperial sugar cane. If anyone knows Travis, you know that Dr. Pepper is one of the great loves of his life, mostly because it is made in Texas! He was very excited to stop in this tiny little town to get a case of Dr. Pepper and a T-shirt to prove he was there. Despite the many, many, many hours of driving, we had such a great time in Texas and we are so glad that we went. We just really don't want to spend any more time in the car!!

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sheltonfamily said...

You all are so fun. I love these pictures.. it makes me feel even more bonded to your road trip. 3,000 miles that is insane. I'm so glad you had the ipod for the way home and now we only have 3!