Granny and Trav

This is a special picture of Travis and his Granny, after he had the privilege of doing the funeral of his Grandpa. Many of you have asked about the funeral and how it was very sad for everybody to say goodbye, but it was also a wonderful celebration of a life well lived. Travis did a wonderful job with his message and he gave a very sweet tribute that would have made his Pa proud. One precious lady came up to us after the service and gave him a compliment that brought tears to my eyes, she told Travis that as she listened to him and as she watched him speak, she kept thinking that she was looking at a young Jack, Trav's Grandpa. His Granny was very thankful for the words Travis shared and she told me she couldn't have asked for anything better. Travis was able to spend some sweet time with Granny when we got there and ask her about some special memories she had from their 61 years of marriage. She told him that she loved many things about him, specifically that he was a man of his word, that he worked hard for their family, that he loved spending time with his family, and that he never said a bad word about anyone. I think Travis might resemble his Grandpa in more ways than just his looks. He also was able to look through one of his old Bibles and he found some precious things that Pa had marked and written down. I was very proud of Travis as he ministered to his Granny and to his whole family that weekend. So often we give our time and our hearts to other people, but what a privilege to use the calling God has given us to bring comfort and truth to Travis' family and to honor his Grandpa's life in the process. Death can be so overwhelming without the hope of salvation, but it can be so sweet when you know your loved one is with Jesus! Our hearts still ache for Granny as she learns to live life without of my favorite things about watching these last few years of their marriage together, is that their love for each other flourished and grew despite illness and constant limitations. That is such a beautiful picture of a faithful marriage, isn't it? I can't stand the thought of life without Travis someday, but I hope the same can be said of us when that day does come. I'm reminded to cherish these days we have together and keep making those memories that mean so much once our days on earth have ended. Thanks for praying for us and for Travis' family while we were gone. We felt the strength of those prayers and we are very glad we made the trip.

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