The Colors of Minnesota

Ryley and I, out for a walk last week. He loves running around in the leaves, hearing them crunch under his feet! When this time of year rolls around, I'm always on Travis to take a family picture because I think Ryley was meant to be photographed in Fall! His red coloring goes perfectly with the leaves and it's hard to see him sometimes because he blends in with all the fall colors!

I love the way that leaves change colors, gradually at first and then all of the sudden all the green is gone and bold reds, oranges, and golds appear. Amazing.

Such a beautiful, lush spot in the woods. I can't believe how incredible the colors are this year! Can you see why Ryley is hard to spot in here? He is almost the color of those leaves!!

A closer look into the woods. I always marvel at the way we try to mimic the characteristics of nature in the way we use design principles. This is a great example of depth, asymmetry, foreground, shadowing, and balance. All those things I learned in my classes were just an attempt to duplicate the beauty and creativity of the Lord.

These are the woods right behind our condo, where Ryley likes to play. They are so gorgeous in the fall, but they're also kind of mysterious when all the leaves are gone and a fresh snow covers all the branches. Yikes! Did I just bring up the beauty of snow?? I really am becoming a native here. Sadly, the possibility of snow is just around the corner! I'm guessing in another week, all of these leaves will be gone. It's been really cold here lately. Ready or not, here comes winter!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Fall is by far my favorite season - its just so beautiful! I love the crunching sound myself under my feet. We took our 4 dogs out to run in the park & they LOVE getting their nose under the leaves & pushing them up.

Love your pictures! I love that you take your fur-baby with you on trips - what good doggie parents!

Faith said...

I LOVE fall. Those leaves are's hard to believe that the snow will be coming soon though. Enjoy your weekend!

MiMi said...

I love all the Fall colors! We were in MInnesota this time 4 years ago and it was absolutely gorgeous! That was probably the coldest I have ever been, though!

I am lovin' the Ryley pictures! He IS gorgeous in the Fall colors!

Rebecca said...

I've been waiting for these pictures! They're beautiful! I love fall too!!

petrii said...

I heart fall!!!!! These pics are just beautiful. What a Blessing to live so close to such beauty.

Have a Blessed Lord's day, Dawn