Christmas Tour of Homes 2009

I'm joining the Christmas tour of homes this year with just a few hours to spare!  Last year I missed the big day and had to post my own version later, but this year I'm making the official cut...even if just barely!!

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester
So without further delay, Welcome to our home...

Our Front Door and my wreath that says "Hope" in the middle.  I chose that because it reminds me of the hope that we have in the birth of our Savior.

My little snowman that I've had from our very first Christmas together.
"Let it Snow" has a whole new meaning now that we live in Minnesota!

I love to spruce up what we've already got going on at Christmas time.  I added some candles and red beaded wreaths to this piece of furniture, right inside our door.

I demo-ed these at my Christmas decorating talk.  They are so easy and cute...
It's just a canning jar with a layer of sand, coffee beans, and a red candle.  I tied a little raffia around the neck and there you go!  Easy.  These are great to put outside, on your porch or down your sidewalk.  They are cheap luminaries and can use tealights inside, but I like to choose a contained candle in a little glass jar.  I just slip it in there.

My kitchen sink.  No window, so thus the shelf :) The "blessings" banner is really from Thanksgiving, but I love it so much and it goes with the colors in my kitchen, so I think I'll keep it up.

I love those mini trees!

I put this picture up every year near my sink.  It is so Travis!  He loves to ski and this picture is from a trip he took a few years ago.

These little ornaments are actually place card holders, but I keep them on the top of my stove.

And I always put that Christmas frame out with the little Christmas mouse and my holiday mugs.  I think I'll have to swap the picture out this year though for one of Ava instead!

More of those candles on my tower, looking into our kitchen.

I bought this Church a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorite things to put out.

We don't have a mantle, so this counter in between our kitchen and living room is what we use to hang our stockings.

Our stocking holders.  We've had them for a few years, and I would like to upgrade them soon :)

Our stockings and Ava's first one!  Trav and I bought these our first Christmas
 together, but I have my eye on some from Pottery Barn that I'm planning to get after Christmas.  Ava's is from Pottery Barn Kids.  Next year we'll get her a monogrammed one.

And yes, Ryley has a stocking too :)
Doesn't every family dog have one??

Because we have an artificial tree, I always like to make some arrangements with fresh greens to put around.  I LOVE the way fresh greens smell and red roses at Christmas are my favorite.

Our sole Christmas pillow.
Sometimes I have to read this a few times during the day to remind me not to be crabby!

Candles, candles and more candles across our entertainment center.

Our tree.

A little wreath hanging from a hook.

I usually have my Nativity on our table as our centerpiece, but because I bought fresh greens this weekend, I decided to make a fresh centerpiece too.

And I added candles.

Can you tell red is my theme??

My Nativity, which is my favorite decoration of all.  I love having a candle-lit dinner around it all season.
Everything else is fun, but Jesus is the reason for the season!

And just because I thought I'd keep it is what our living room looks like most days!!  Far from perfect, but we love the mess still.  So thankful to have a little one this year to shake our world up!

Merry Christmas from the Armstrongs!
Thanks for stopping by!!


B. said...

Beautiful wreath!! AND the tea, coffee, fruit bowls are too cute! Everything is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful! I love all the pops of red everywhere! Merry Christmas!

A Stable Beginning said...

Everything is just beautiful, you have a lovely home. Love your tree and the nativity set. Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas!

CJ said...

So beautiful! Your home looks very warm and inviting! This is my first Christmas on blogger and I just love the tour of houses. Its fun!

Loved this tour!

Jodi Nelson said...

I especially love the wreath on your front door. It's beautiful!

petrii said...

Your house is so pretty!!! I love all of your decorations Stephanie, especially the fresh flowers. I may have to try that!!

Have a Blessed evening friend,

Ells said...

Love that fresh centerpiece! Your home looks super cosy and festive!


Ells said...

Whoops! I forgot to sign in with the profile that would let you see my website if you wanted (but I really like your decor and am not just trying to get more comments on my site!).

-Ells again

Faith said...

I love your home - so warm and inviting. The front door wreath is fab! I'll have to work on something like that for next year. Your nativity looks so pretty with the candles all around. I should do a fresh greens arrangement too because I love the smell and miss that with a artificial tree. Thanks for inviting us in!

P.S. Thanks for your prayers also!

Ron and Peggy said...

Great tour! Everything is jingle bell ready! Does Ava like to defrock the tree?

Holly said...

please, come decorate my house.. it looks so sad and I refuse to by fresh greens in TX at Kroger of all places. I love your Christmas picture and Ava is moving way more than Mary. I think she has the lazy 3rd child issue cause all she is going is rolling over. She's a long ways from sitting up etc... It is helpful for me! Miss you all....