Snow, Snow, Snow....Snow!!

Did you notice the subtle snow storm happening on my blog now?  It wasn't your bad eyes after all!
In honor of our first couple days of snow, I decided to spread the love and share the fun with you!
You're welcome :)

I am a Minnesota blogger after all!!


Ron and Peggy said...

We missed our chance of snow but that's ok. My roosters are wanting it to warm back up.

The France Family said...

Yay! Minnesota!!! Thats my home state!!

petrii said...

Love the snow ~~ how'd you do that?!! So cute!!

Okay so get the snow out of the way in the next two weeks, because we'll be headed back to Mayo week after next ~~ thanks =)

Have a Blessed evening,

Jenilee said...

love the snow!!! :) how fun is that! found you on M2M blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and love the snow effect!