Joy, Unspeakable Joy!

Look at this cutie!  She discovered the dishwasher yesterday...

Whew!  After too much time spent worrying, this weekend is happily behind me!  My Christmas brunch demo went perfectly, better than I'd hoped.   Thank you for praying for me!  I felt those prayers from the minute I woke up on Saturday.  I was at peace all morning and I had such a good time with all the sweet ladies that came out.  I've heard some good feedback about it, which is a blessing to my soul.  Through all my prep time I kept praying that the Lord would give me clarity and the ability to explain what I was doing, well.  It's not easy to show a crowd of people how to do something, while demonstrating it and speaking coherently!  But He was gracious and good to me and He definitely allowed me to fly through everything without any problems, what a relief!  I've heard from a few women who told me they were "inspired" after the morning and even went home and tried some of my ideas.  Music to my ears!  I must have second-guessed myself a thousand times over the last month, so I'm glad to know something was helpful to someone :) Thank you sweet friends for interceding on my behalf....The Lord answered all those prayers and gave me a wonderful morning!

Because the Brunch was the first thing on my mind this weekend, we realized yesterday that we didn't have any plans for the rest of our day and night!  Amazing....that was the best gift of all!  After some much needed naps for all three of us, we spent the rest of they day playing with Ava and enjoying her.  Do you know what I mean by "enjoying" her?  It was just one of those days when our hearts were overwhelmed with the reality of the gift we've been given in her.  She makes us laugh constantly and keeps us so entertained.  She is such a delight to our lives, such a source of joy!  Ever since we went to the Chris Tomlin concert last week, I've had the line "joy, unspeakable joy!!" in my head from one of his songs.  It just captures how I feel this Christmas so perfectly.  God has been faithful to us, faithful to me and I am filled with His joy because of it.

After we put Ava to bed last night, Travis asked me if I wanted to watch a Christmas movie with him.  I'm so quick to say no to movies, because it always kills me to "waste" two hours sitting, when I see a thousand things around me "to do." But last night I said yes and it was the best "date" we've had in awhile!  We sat by the glow of the Christmas tree, chocolate in hand, wrapped in a blanket and watched my favorite movie, "White Christmas."  It was heavenly.  At one point, I looked around, closed my eyes and just took in the abundant blessings in my life...

An incredible husband who loves me.
A precious baby, asleep in the next room.
A darling dog, curled up at our feet.
A warm and cozy home.
A good marriage...

And once again those words ran through my mind...
"Joy, unspeakable Joy!"

God is so good, sometimes I forget to stop and tell Him how grateful I am.  But not last night.
Last night I went to bed a very content and thankful woman.  One day, life will change and this particular season will only be a memory that I carry in my heart.  But for now, it's a gift from the Lord and I don't want to miss it.
He's so faithful and I love Him so much.


CJ said...

I am happy your demo went well. Congrats. Once you get over the fear then there is no stopping!

Rebecca Jo said...

I had no doubts you would do well!!! I'm glad you had that free time to relax the rest of the day.. well deserved!!!

petrii said...

Oh how terrific ~~ I wish I could have been there to hear you!!!

When I read this the words "A good marriage..." just really stuck out to me. It is truly "Joy, unspeakable Joy!" to have a Godly husband who loves God and wishes to serve Him above all!!! It made me so thankful all over again. And of course, my baby (17 =) and our G-babe and my stepson and my mom and family, our home and so much more. Thankful for the reminder to be stop and be truly thankful!!!

Have a Blessed day friend,

PS 1 week from today we leave for Mayo. Hopefully the weather in your neck of the woods will co-operate =)

Sonya said...

That's just what I needed to read today! Thanks!

Christina said...

Praise God! What an incredible time to spend time thanking God. :)
Glad your talk went well and that you had a great rest of your weekend.

Heather said...

What a great post! I have had so many "joy, unspeakable joy" moments this year!! It is always so good like you said to just close your eyes and take it all in...commiting it to memory in your heart! Ava keeps getting cuter and cuter, by the way!