HoLiDaY HoW-To: CeNtErPiEcEs!!

It's Christmas Eve in just a few short hours and you might be like me, scrambling to get your house and your table ready to go!  Or in my case, my Mom's table :) So, here are few ideas for a centerpiece...

My favorite Christmas centerpiece always involves fresh greens and red roses.  You can't get more classic than that!  In order to make your own, you need the things shown above.  A waterproof container, some oasis to design in (the green foam in the bowl-you can buy it at any craft store or by the block from a florist), some red roses and of course, fresh Christmas greens.  I've got white pine, blue spruce and some oregonia.

After you soak your oasis (by letting it sink into a bowl or sink filled with water), you can push it down into your container so that it is firm and then add some water to the bottom, for it to drink.  Then you can start adding your greens.

Mix whatever kind of greens you've chosen, being careful to cover the oasis so you don't see it.

The pine, spruce and oregonia all together.  It's always nice to combine colors and textures for a rich look, as opposed to only using one kind of green.

One of my favorite bowls :) I put it on our end table every year!

Although the greens are beautiful on their own, the red roses are such a gorgeous addition, don't ya think??

You can be symmetrical or asymmetrical with your roses, but I think it's hard to go wrong....

But, if you don't want to do roses you could also just use some beautiful ornaments.  Pick something you can attach wire to or push a stick into.  Then you'll be able to push it down into the oasis.

Love this look, fresh and simple.

But I had some extra roses, so I also stuck some roses in with the ornaments...Again, can you go wrong?

There you have it, a fresh centerpiece, some red votives and a beautifully set table (use your imagination here!)  And preferably a runner than isn't dirty :)

I can almost smell that pine, can't you??

My end table.

Roses are red and greens are pretty...

But nothing is sweeter than a reminder of what Christmas is really about.
My very, very favorite centerpiece is my manger scene and tea lights.  Easy, beautiful and a great way to use what you already have.
Candlelight dinner, on Christmas Eve, remembering the beautiful gift of our Savior's birth...

Kind of makes me want to cry :)
Happy table decorating!

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Toni :O) said...

Those are beautiful have such a gift! Merry Christmas sweet family and may Ava's First Christmas be most memorable for you all. I'll pray she sleeps better for you too!