In Transition...

It didn't take Ava long to realize that today was moving day and she needed to pull her weight around here to help us get stuff done!  
Actually, this is just one of the many phases she's currently in.  I'm calling it her "hoarding phase."  She LOVES to walk around the house, collecting "things" and taking them from one place to another.  It's no wonder I can't find anything at all, but oh well!  She has a blast doing it and it keeps her occupied for long periods of time :) While we were prepping for our big furniture swap this morning, Ava was just doing her part and cleaning out some of our bathroom drawers.  She's not only cute, but she's helpful too!  
Before we made the big switch, I got a little nostalgic about her nursery and took some final pictures of how it "used to look."  I always loved it, but I was excited to re-do it too!
All those little details that made this room hers.  
Travis's friend Kristian came over to help us, which was a wonderful blessing and in no time our living room was full of furniture!  Ava was a little stressed out by the whole thing I think. Poor baby...I don't think she could figure out what was happening to all of her "stuff!"  
See those little discs that Ava is playing with?  Travis used those carpet furniture gliders and they made moving the furniture around a total breeze!
Even Ava got in on the action!!  I couldn't grab my camera fast enough to get a good shot of this, but she was sooooo proud to be helping Daddy.  She loved it :) 
And then when the room was all empty, she just kept standing in the doorway and staring, trying to process the whole thing.  We just kept telling her, "Hang on baby, you're getting a big upgrade!!"  
A sneak peak at our "new" master bedroom.  There are a million details that still have to be taken care of, like the spackling on the wall that needs to be painted over, but we're in and it's not so bad!  It actually seems bigger than we prepped ourselves for and I think it's going to work out great.  I am rewarding us for downgrading with some new bedding, but I just haven't found the style that I want yet!  
And here is a sneak peak into the queen's new room :) Sorry, it's not photo worthy yet, but it is full of furniture now and we're making serious progress.  Now I get to enjoy the fun part and start buying the accessories and final touches to pull the whole thing together.  That's always my favorite stage!
As you can see, we painted it the same color as her previous bedroom, mostly for resale purposes when we want to move.  I do love it though, it's very calming and warm, and it's a good neutral background for whatever we add to it!  Plus it makes all of her white furniture really "pop" in the room.  

And although this is a horrible picture and it's terribly blurry, here is a little sneak peak into Carter's new room!  It's become our storage room for the last week, so I have lots of sorting and organizing to do, but the crib and changing table are in and it's already starting to look like a sweet little nursery!!  

I think we moved one more step forward in the big picture today and already I'm feeling like we definitely made the right decision to switch rooms.  The kids have twice as much space and I'm loving the new look!  But my work is far from over...  

Happy Weekend!!


Erin said...

That is really exciting. I think you made a great choice. I think this will be great for you guys :)

i am excited to see how things turn out.

Toni :O) said...

I think it's really cool how you are changing things up in order to make room for the new babe and working with what you already have. Great idea and I can't wait to see the end product of their room. You have great taste and I bet it will look just fab! I do love the new paint color...just awesome! Good luck with the finishing touches!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Exciting changes! I cannot wait to see it once you have everything pulled together!

Meredith said...

Ava is soo adorable! I can't wait to see the finished product! How exciting! Miss you friend!

Crystal said...

The new master bedroom looks great! What color did you use in the bedrooms? We have been on the search for a good neutral/khaki for several months now. Thanks!

Sonya said...

I can't wait to see the rest! I love the mover things! I borrow them from my mom every summer when I completely clean every room in the house and I need to move the furniture.

petrii said...

Oh how sweet!!! Are you nesting yet, or just waiting to nest where everything gets moved to its new normal spon? =)

Love you friend ~~ Dawn

Darla said...

LOVE that first picture of Ava...the expression, the outfit, the mischief:) Adorable.
Wow! The rooms are lookin' great!

Jesse and Stacie said...

I love every single picture of Pagey...especially when she's standing in her doorway, looking at her empty room, hahaha. And helping Trav push the furniture. And when she's holding all that stuff in her hands :) And...all of them!

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