Just For Fun...

Just for fun, I thought I'd pull up few pictures from one exactly one year ago today and this is what I found:
Last year on August 9th this little nut was on her very first airplane ride!
Check out that dark, wild hair and those little legs!  She was so good on that flight, especially considering it was like 7 am or something horrible like that and we'd already been up for a couple of hours.  People all around us kept telling us how cute she was and what a good traveler she was.  We couldn't disagree :)
I remember that day like it was yesterday!  We were just coming off a week at camp and so excited to take Ava to Texas for the first time to meet lots of Trav's family.  It was a great trip!  But look how little she was!!
Now here we are, one year later...
No more little baby, instead she's a mischievious little toddler!! 
Who just discovered how to take her shirt off during her nap :)
And as you can see, is just as animated today as she was a year ago!
Last year we could lay her on a blanket and she wouldn't go anywhere. 
This year, she's into everything and can go just about everywhere. 
We thought she was the cutest thing we'd ever laid eyes on last year and this year we still think that's true! 
Travis and I watched her climb all over our furniture tonight, all the while talking and playing by herself.  It's amazing how quickly they grow right before your eyes.  Everyone told us that when we were waiting for Ava to arrive, but until that sweet baby is in your arms and you get to experience parenthood for the first time, you just never really realize how true that is!  

It's crazy that one year later, we are watching her climb the walls and repeat much of what we say while we count down the days until her new little brother arrives!  I can only imagine what one more year will bring :) 
Life is oh so fun these days and we can't wait to add another little Armstrong to the mix soon!  Will he be spunky like his sister??  Who knows!  If his activity level in the womb is any indication, we're in trouble :) Maybe next year I'll have 2 little munchkins sitting in those baskets??? 

This year we spent a quiet August 9th catching up on laundry and getting all of our bags unpacked. Trav was home with us and we all got to relax a little bit.  We are still getting over our busy week at camp and trying to get back to normal, but I'm so ready to focus on little Carter and get all of the projects done around here!  Finally our big summer commitments are over and now we can officially turn our focus to home.  That is a very good feeling, especially considering the heat wave we are experiencing right now in Minnesota.  We are breaking records for heat and I've never been happier to be home in my air conditioned house.  And speaking of my air conditioned house, I'm currently laying in bed, with my feet up (because I've been having contractions all day and my back is hurting) and I'm wonderfing if anyone would notice if I turn the thermostat down a little bit more??  I'm trying not to freeze Trav and Ava out, but seriously, no matter what I do right now, I'm still hot!  I've never been so ready for fall to get here!!


Ron and Peggy said...

OH, I know how you feel for a different, middle-aged heat wave. I take the cold packs we use in the cooler out of the freezer and take them to bed with me sometimes. I can't believe it's been a year since you guys were here. It's another hot one but not as bad as last year. Of course you know, lots of liquid, always have a drink in your hand.

Holly said...

What a fun idea! Okay, I've always said that why are some children so laid back without lots of spunk. I am convinced that all of our children will be full of life and spunk cause that is kind of who there parents are aka mike/travis and you know we were pretty spunky back in the day steph as athletes etc... we have no shy children that is for sure! Ava reminds me of Anna. She's such a climber and amazes me at her coordination to actually not fall.. just think how hot you would be if you were preggo in TX. It was 107 today!