5 Months Old!

Happy 5 months Carty!!
I LOVE this picture of you because it so perfectly captures who you are! 
A Happy Boy!!
This month more than ever, you have changed so much Carter!  You are still just as laid back as ever, but you are so much more reponsive to us and totally aware of your surroundings these days. 
One of the common themes for you this month involves your mouth!  You love to put anything and everything in your mouth, including your feet and your socks.  You love to suck on your socks and it makes you so mad when I pull them out of your mouth (mostly because it grosses me out!). 
You love your excersaucer now and your drool is officially all over it :) Good thing Mommy has kept that thing very clean!  There is nothing you don't try to stuff in that mouth!
Your sister is really starting to enjoy "playing" with you.  She asks for you right away in the morning and is always paying attention to whether or not you're crying or need your paci.  She loves you so much Carter and you get a kick out of her too.  You watch her with big eyes and grin when she comes near you.  I can't wait to watch you grow up with your very own playmate!
This month you took your first airplane ride and you were an angel the whole time.  We couldn't have asked for a better travel experience with you!
Lucky you, this was also the month that you got all kind of love from your Grandparents!!
Texie and Craigy loved you up!
So did Papa and Nana...
...and Grammy and Grampy.
What a precious addition to our family you are Carter!
This month has been so busy I think we wore you out!
-You are still a great napper for us, taking 2 big naps during the day and a little catnap before bedtime.
-You eat like a champ and like to nurse OR take a bottle.  I'm thankful you've been so flexible in that area.  You've made Mommy's life a little easier :)
-You are wearing almost all 6mo clothes, but I'm noticing that you are starting to thin out a little bit.  You're looking very long and a little more lean these days.
-You are in size 2/3 diapers.
-We are getting so many comments about how similar you and Ava are and it's true!  As we've looked back on pictures of your sister at your age, it's uncanny how much you two look alike!  I have a feeling as you catch up to her, it won't be long before I get asked if you guys are twins :)
Carter, we love you so much buddy!  You are the sweetest son and little brother and we are so thankful that God chose our family for you!  I'm a little sad that these months are going by so fast because I know it won't be long before your "baby" days melt away.  But I'm also proud of you as you reach these new milestones every month.  We have so many fun days ahead! 
Happy 5 months Carty.
Daddy, Mommy and Ava love you!


Ron and Peggy said...

Carter, you a snuggly cutie! XXXXOOOO

Jennafer said...

Wow. I can't believe how much he looks like Ava in the last picture of the 4 of you!!
So big. So sweet. So lovable.

Jenilee said...

what a cute little guy! your header picture is adorable. I'm visiting from M2M blogroll. you are featured there today!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

What a hairy dude! My first born was the same. He often woke up from naps looking like a cockatoo. Next month he'll be ten, and we find it easiest to keep him shorn like a sheep.

Found you through M2M.