Not a Fan

If this picture is any proof, I think it's safe to say that so far, Carter is not a fan of bathtime.
Poor guy!  It appears as if we're torturing him, but we aren't :) Just trying to get him clean, which apparently he's already opposed to! 
Eventually he resigned himself to the inevitable, but since he was born, he's never really enjoyed a bath yet.  Maybe once or twice, but that's about it.  We do baths in the sink sometimes or alone in the infant tub, but tonight we thought maybe he'd like it a little bit more if he was with his sister in the big tub.
It may have helped a bit, but I'm not sure we're quite there yet! 
However, are these two not the cutest little siblings ever??  Twins??
This was Ava giving Carter a "hug"  :)
This boy much prefers to be cuddled and wrapped in a warm towel, safe and snug in someone's arms.
Oh how we love you Carter!
Even when you're so worked up that the vein in the middle of your forehead flares up :)
Nothing like clean babies! 
It's taken us 5 months, but today was one of those golden Sundays when both of our kids napped for 3 hours at the same time and so did we!  Well, we didn't sleep for 3 hours, but we ate lunch in peace and got to relax for awhile before a hard nap.  It was glorious.  I've worked hard to get these two on the same afternoon nap schedule and it's finally paying off!  I look forward to the coming day when Carter will love taking a bath with Ava.  I know she will be thrilled to have a playmate in there, splashing and making a big mess for us to clean up :) It's been so fun to see them interact more and more and to think about their growing up years together. 

I ran into a sweet friend at Church today, while I was holding Carter.  She was one of my friends when Travis and I were praying so desperately for children and she knew how our hearts longed for these days.  She looked at my little guy and said to me, "Isn't it amazing what God has done?? You have two kids, just like that!"  And she was right!  It is amazing what the Lord has given us and the way He has filled our home in such a short time.  I can't believe that 2 years ago, I was counting down the days until my due date with Ava, eagerly awaiting this little girl who was about to join our world.  Now, that sweet girl is about to turn 2 and she has a little brother who has joined the fun! 

Sundays are typically exhausting for me because I do so much of them alone, while Travis is busy working.  But, there aren't too many Sunday mornings that I don't close my eyes during worship and remember those years of empty arms and dreams that seemed to be on hold.  Now, I stand there with circles under my eyes, arms that ache from carrying everyone's stuff and 2 check-in stickers on my shirt that remind me how faithful He has been and how perfect His plan and His timing are.  I can't imagine life without the blessing of Ava and Carter.  I wouldn't trade the busyness of a Sunday morning for all the sleep and time I used to have to myself :)

It was an ordinary Sunday in our house today, full of meals and toys and naps and baths...
And I've never been so grateful.
There is something so beautiful about the everyday, ordinary stuff that brings me to my knees in worship while rinsing my kids hair and putting on their jammies. 

It's been a blessed day, hope your Sunday has been too! 
Have a great week!


Ron and Peggy said...

Blessings on your sweet family.

petrii said...

I love this post. God is so amazing!!! What beautiful littles you have my sweet sister in Christ!! Hang on to these years, hold them in your heart. My baby will be graduating high school in about 5 weeks ~~ WOW!!! And college bound in August, just 5 short months.

Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed day,