Spoiled Rotten!

You probably think I'm referring to our kids, but actually I'm referring to Travis and I!  We had the best time in Texas, partially because we were spoiled rotten by Texie and Craigy :)
In addition to soaking up the warmer weather and sunshine (which would have been enough) they took us to do all kinds of fun things!
Pam surprised Ava and I with manicures and pedicures!!
Yes, my "almost" 2 year old got her toes and her nails done!
Can you believe she had her own Hello Kitty chair to sit in?  This salon just got those chairs for little girls and of course, Texie thought Pagey needed to try it out :)
I think it helped that I was getting a pedicure right next to her, but as you can see, she loved it!
She let them trim her nails, file them and rub her legs with lotion before they painted her toes. 
Oh the life she leads already!
Pretty piggies in pink!
And pink nails too :)
Only in Texas...although this looks like a big plot of dirt, this is Prairie Dog town at a park in Abilene :)
And Ava loved it!  It was full of prairie dogs, popping out of their holes and running around looking for food.
Texie brought celery and bread for us to throw to the doggies and we all got a big kick out of watching them run for it and yelp back and forth to each other.
Carter missed the whole thing because it was kind of chilly out and we kept him in his seat.
But he did wonder what all the commotion was about I think :)
My sweet girl and I.  We found some Doggies that we thought looked like pregnant mamas, so we threw them some extra food :)
We also spent an afternoon at the zoo with Texie, while Travis and Craig went to the gun range. 
Typical, right??  While in Texas, do as the Texans do :)  I did soon learn that Travis is an excellent shot.  Craig says he has a career as a "hit man" if the whole Pastor thing doesn't work out!  Ha ha!  They even brought home the targets as proof!  Good to know...
Abilene really has a great little zoo and Texie took us all over to see all the animals.
Flamingos( in some seriously brown water??)
One of two giraffes that you could feed on the the bridge.  They were amazing!  So big in person and totally incredible to see up close.
Look at that tongue!  Ava was enthralled by the whole thing.
Beautiful lioness, although scary.  Always makes me hope and pray those bars are strong that seperate us!
An owl.  Does anyone else get creeped out by owls??  They look so mean.
Ava loved running around so much and we saw lions, tigers, leopards, zebras, rhinos, monkeys and lots of other things too!
Carter was also there, in his zoo appropriate shirt, but he slept through the whole thing :)
 Next year buddy!
We also visited a park and Ava was a wild woman!
Pure joy!
We ate out at several Mexican and BBQ places, but the most amazing was this place!  They catered the Texas Govenor's Inauguration when President Bush was Governor and they were also in the White House on 9/11, scheduled to serve lunch that day.  I don't think I have to tell you how good it was.  It was nothing fancy, but just amazing, old fashioned Cowboy food.  It was HEAVEN on a plate. 
What cowboy doesn't like a good steakhouse??
We're getting Carter groomed to love red meat as much as his Daddy :)
It's part of having "Texas roots" in your blood!
You never know how a restaurant experience is going to go with Ava, but she did great.  It helped that there were cats roaming around outside and one under our table! 
We loved this place!  Thanks Texie and Craigy!
I saw a longhorn and therefore we had to have a family picture :)
Again, "When in Texas..."
We had such a good time and did lots of fun things, but we mostly enjoyed  just hanging out at home and playing.
Carter's first trip to Texas was a great one! 
 Thanks for spoiling us all rotten Pam and Craig :)
It won't be hard to get us back soon! 


Erin said...

I love the MN zoo but my husband lives in a small town and I LOVE HIS zoo. It is so small and you get so close to all the animals.

Love the picture of the Giraffe with his head looking over the bridge! Amazing!

Michelle (LemonadeGal) said...

I'm visiting from Preacher's Wife! I am a Texas gal - transplanted to Arkansas. My family is from Abilene and my grandmother still lives there, so we have spent many days in that town. It cracks me up to see the Abilene zoo. But, I have to agree with you on the steakhouse. It is soooooo good!