Another Mouth to Feed

No, we aren't having another baby...
But this little guy has started eating real food!
Well, if you consider rice cereal "real food" :)
We actually started him on cereal about 3 weeks ago and from the very first night, he made it clear he was more than ready for the upgrade.
He wasn't sure at first...
...but a few bites later...
And he was hooked :)
In fact, he quickly lost his patience and took matters (or the spoon) into his own hands.
Is that face cute or what??
Since our first night, we've moved on to bananas, pears and apples too. 
Veggies and oatmeal are next up on the agenda...
Do you think he seems excited about that?
Of course this is the example he has to watch at the dinner table :)
Which explains this.
A fist full of cereal.
He's a cutie, isn't he?? 
Dinnertime just got a little more chaotic in the Armstrong house!


Ron and Peggy said...

I'll send you a tarp for the floor! What a good time he's having in that chair. XXXOOOO

Toni :O) said...

Yay for real food! Although, I have to say, he looks lost and so tiny in that big ole highchair! Have fun and may the messes begin!

Robyn said...

When are you planning on moving to the 2nd foods? Aiden is almost done going through all the 1st foods and I wasn't sure if I can just move on once he's done. Thanks :)