New Look??

So, I spent some time yesterday updating our blog and changing the look a little bit...what do you think? I was kind of getting sick of my "Larry King" dots background, so I like this one for now. I think my re-arranging bug has now moved from my home to my blog!

Travis and I had a great day yesterday, sleeping late and just chillin' for most of the day...I love those days because they don't happen very often. You can't beat a day in your jammies, sippin coffee and reading. I love the cold weather for that very reason! I try hard to make our home cozy so that it is a place we both want to be when we're "off." I even tried really hard yesterday to get Travis to agree to put up our Christmas decorations...but that may have been a little extreme. We have been listening to Christmas music since Thursday, when we discovered an all-Christmas station. We both Looooove Christmas music and we are like little kids every year when late November rolls around...we have it on constantly! So, it wasn't a total stretch to suggest decorating for Christmas?? Anyway, he didn't go for it, so I decided to try again in a few more days. How about you? Are you looking forward to the Holidays as much as we are? There truly is just something about this time of year....hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


Unknown said...


I am very excited about the Holiday season! This is the first year that Micah really knows what is going on. We just completed putting up our Christmas decorations this week. I have decided to have 3 trees this year and Micah just loves all the decorations. I just discovered your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading all your entries. I have also just recently started a blog. Well we miss ya'll a lot and hope you guys are doing great!
I also hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Christy Zimmerle

Matt and Jen said...

i love the rearranged blog!! it's in your blood isn't it?? i love this time of year, too, and just wish we could share it with closer friends than what we have in winchester so far. atleast we have our little families, right? i can't wait to put up decorations. i assure matt every year that it won't be a big deal (he knows that's not true) and he is a great help!! he does prefer not to listen to christmas music until december if not mid month, but i sneak some in when he's not around!! i love you and hope you have a very good and relaxing thanksgiving. love, jen

sheltonfamily said...

I love it! It feels very earthy and fits you all well! I can't say we agree with your love for Christmas music... we love the "church" songs, but hate the radio stuff.... However, I can't wait to put the tree up on Sunday! Yea... My mom is coming next week to start painting all your pretty colors you picked out.. I'll do some after blog pics!