5 Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, and an excitement I could hardly contain. I remember walking around my apartment with a surreal joy in my heart, looking at all my wedding stuff, realizing today was the day I was going to get to wear it! I also remember feeling like I was going to throw up!! God gave us a gorgeous, South Florida day and I can say that we both agree, we had an amazing wedding day. It was better than what we dreamed of. So many of our precious friends and family made the long trip to Naples to celebrate with us and we were overjoyed!

This morning I am shocked at how quickly time has come and gone. Five years of marriage seemed to happen in the blink of an eye! I'm not exactly sure where time went, but I do know that these last five years have been the best five years of my life so far. I love Travis more than I'm capable of and I have loved this incredible ride we've been on. I'm waiting on here this morning for a skype date, so I can tell him that, but so far no luck...the good news is that we had already planned to not be able to talk today, so if we are able to make it happen, it will only be icing on the cake! A few years ago I was in a bad car accident on our anniversary, while Travis was at camp; last year the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis; and this year my husband is in Peru...I've learned not to expect much on the day of our anniversary!! We've made plans to celebrate later, after he's home, so although it's our anniversary today, it doesn't really feel like it when I can't see or talk to my husband!! I was laughing with my friend Greta last night, and we agreed that I should make myself a candlelight dinner tonight! Just me and Ryley! I think this day calls for that, don't you?

If I was able to talk to Travis this morning, I would tell him that I love him, I'm so thankful for him, and I can't wait for the next 55 years of marriage with him!! Happy Friday and Happy August!!


The Martins said...

Happy Anniversary! i hope you get to talk to your hubby today!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I'm sorry ya'll can't be together but I'm sure you can celebrate later!
We celebrate 5 years in November also! Can you believe how fast time flies? It seems like we just got married and then in some ways it seems like I can't remember a time before we were married. :-)

all up in each others bizness said...

happy Anniversary steph...i'm proud of you guys....I love marriage and am encouraged by other good marriages around me :)

9 years for us,

amy said...

happy anniversary! it's a special day to celebrate... even if it's not on the exact date! i'm praying you'll be able to talk to travis today!!!

Faith said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope that you will be surprised with a message from Skype and get to talk to him.
Praying for many more wonderful years of marriage and God's biggest blessings for you and Travis!
Love ya girl!