Exciting Days at Grace

I realized today that I've not mentioned something that has been a great part of our lives recently...We have a new Senior Pastor! Our church has been without the leadership of a Senior Pastor for a little over a year now, so you can imagine that we are all very excited to welcome that leadership again! Of course as the wife of a Youth Pastor, this decision greatly affects our life and more specifically, Travis' job. I've been through these kind of searches before, but always as the member of a congregation not a staff wife.

We have been faithfully praying for the Lord to bring us the right man and to work out the details for Travis and the rest of the staff. There's always a time of transition when a new leader arrives and our staff has been through so much of that lately, I just kept asking the Lord to "make it smooth and natural." I'm happy to say that He has answered us and brought someone we are very thrilled about. Travy left this morning for a weekend Pastor/Elder retreat, where they'll get a chance to cement those relationships as leaders and catch the new vision that Pastor Troy has for them. I think Travy was so excited to go, he nearly sprang out of bed this morning to get up and get ready!!

So, of course that means I am once again a ministry widow, but not for long. He'll be back on Saturday afternoon. I've got some things to do this afternoon and dinner with a girlfriend, so my day is looking fun too! Yesterday I wasn't feeling great, but today seems to be better. This is the end of my "vacation week" as my little guys will be back from Myrtle Beach this weekend and I'll be back at work again. It's been nice to get a break and to sleep in everyday this week, but I miss them too so I'll be happy to play with them and hear all about the beach! I don't think I shared this story on my blog, but Finn ran into a baseboard on the corner of a wall 2 weeks before they left and had to get 7 staples in his head...yes, STAPLES. He looked like Frankenstein for a few days with the grossest staple mark on his head! Praise God that didn't happen while I was watching them, he was with his Mom. Anyway, he had to get them out the day before they left but he wasn't going to be able to swim, which they were worried about since they were going to the beach. I'm sure he waded in the water but he couldn't submerge his head. Isn't that sad? I'm hoping they had a great week despite that. Only 2 more weeks left here until school starts!

Well, I believe I'm going to take advantage of this beautiful weather and take Ryley on a much deserved walk. He'll be thrilled when I put my shoes on, he always knows what that means! It is gorgeous outside, in the 70's with a nice breeze and lots of sunshine. For some reason, I'm kind of over summer and ready for the fall to get here. I just have that fall bug lately! Hope your Friday is a great one!


MiMi said...

So glad to hear that your church has a new Senior Pastor. I hope that Travis has a wonderful time at the retreat and that this transition will be a smooth one for the entire church.

Thank you for your comment on my blog about the canisters that belonged to your grandmother.I have some very special cookie jars that belonged to my grandmother and I cherish them! I am so glad that you could relate to my sentimentalism!

Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

What an answer to prayer! I'm so glad that the Lord has provided the right man for the job and I pray that God would continue to work mightily through him and your church.

Hope your week goes well as you go back to work! Bless that little Finn's heart...I hope he was able to have fun! And, I know you are so relieved that it didn't happen when you were in charge! I am always SO nervous of anything happening to other people's children when they are with me...yikes!

Love you and praying for you and Travis!