The Melting Pot

In honor of Kelly, I'm sharing pictures with you from our anniversary dinner this week, because it was AMAZING!! We love The Melting Pot restaurant and were thrilled to discover one in downtown Minneapolis when we moved here. We had one in Florida that we loved and one in Asheville, North Carolina that we also loved. We have spent several anniversaries eating there, so we thought that was a good choice for #5! We always get the biggest dinner option for 2, which includes a cheese fondue, salads, main course fondue, and dessert fondue. Oh yes, it's divine. I love it because it takes about 2 hours for your meal, which is great for a slow eater like me! I never get full because I have time to digest in between bites! It was a fun night and we were quite satisfied when we left...if you ever have a chance to do dinner at The Melting Pot, we highly recommend it! Save it for a special occasion though because it's expensive. Lucky for us we had a great coupon in our entertainment book! Gotta love when that happens!

Happy 5th Anniversary to us!

Dessert fondue, always our favorite! This time we chose the traditional milk chocolate with crunchy peanut butter to dip everything in...amazing!!!

I of course made Travis wait to begin so I could take a picture! After 5 years of dealing with me and my camera, he's always a good sport!

We chose the fusion meal, which was a combo of seafood, filet, chicken and pork. It was SOOOO good.

Look at that Lobster Tail! That was definitely our favorite was very fresh and yummy.


Faith said...

What an awesome date night! I'm glad you guys were able to celebrate and had a wonderful evening. I love the Melting Pot too...and that dessert, oh my, there are no words to describe how good that looks!

Happy 5th Anniversary! I hope ya'll are doing well!

Scott said...

That looks amazing!!! Thanks for showing pictures!
I've been wanting to go to the melting pot forever! There is one about an hour and a half away and I have my mind set on that for our anniversary! :-)

Happy 5th!

Kelly said...

oops - that was me on Scott's computer!

Heather said...

Hi Stephanie! I came over from Faith's blog! I am going to look online to see if there is a "Melting Pot" near me, because this looks amazing~!