Picture Update

I have several pictures from last week that I didn't have time to post or couldn't get uploaded because of our unreliable internet signal, so I thought I would just do a large picture post today from Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop, while I have some strong wi-fi! Travis and I are just chillin today, which is so great! I LOVE having him home again, although last night I told him he was really hogging the bed and the covers! I think I may have gotten used to having my big bed all to myself!! I can't help the habits I pick up while he is away...anyway, we are going out tonight to celebrate our anniversary, so we're starving ourselves for a big meal! After his bout with illness in Peru, I think he's ready for it!

I'm so happy to have this guy home!! He has been missed by both Ryley and I!

We took Ryley out yesterday and sat behind our condo while he played in the woods and chewed on sticks!

The view of the woods behind our place, we're so glad to have this for Ryley's sake!

These are two of my favorite guys in my life!!

I was so happy yesterday, I couldn't contain my grin all day!!

I took my parents to centennial lakes, where we walked around the lake and got smoothies from Jamba Juice on a perfect evening!

My Mom and I in front of one of the gazebos

My Dad and I sat down by the water and watched the ducks swim and the fish jump for bread

For our anniversary, my parents surprised me with this coffee maker that we have wanted for awhile! My Mom got it a few years ago, and it has transformed her coffee experience! She is quite the coffee lover and she has now converted many of us to this incredibly easy and great coffee maker.

You can buy lots of different kinds of coffees,teas and hot chocolate for this and each cup is ready in like 30 seconds! You can't beat that! I was excited to show this to Travis when he got home...he has wanted one for a long time!


Faith said...

Y'all are so cute!!! These are great pics.

I got one of those coffee makers for my birthday last year and LOVE it!

Matt and Jen said...

great pictures, steph!! glad you guys are just spending some days enjoying each other!! hope the anniversary dinner was incredible. i'm sure matt will be jealous over your coffee maker. glad you guys got it!!

MiMi said...

I love all the pictures of you and your family! I can see why those are your 2 favorite guys in your life!
Have a great weekend!