Summer Days

What a week we are having! I think it's safe to say that we have Olympic fever right now, watching the games every night has become our routine! We are both amazed at Micheal Phelps...he is like a swimming machine and we've been really wrapped up in the gymnastics drama on both the men and women's team. Very competitive, but it kills me how many of these athletes fold under the pressure. I don't know what the deal was last night, but so many of those guys kept falling off stuff in the all-around competition. Crazy! They train their butts off, I bet they are so mad at themselves for that! We also love watching the men's and women's volleyball, indoor and outdoor. The level of competition is crazy good. One thing I wish I could see however, is our men's basketball team. I haven't figured out their schedule yet, so I'm hoping to catch them soon. They are winning I know, but I really would like to see a game. I'll probably have to set the DVR to get it!

I would like you to know that my hives are officially gone, thank you very much Benedryl. I do believe it was caused by those darn rugs, but regardless, I am now able to be outside again and do not look like I have the chicken pox! Two things to be thankful for. Speaking of outside, we are having the most amazing weather lately, it is sunny, breezy and about 70. Can you spell PERFECT??? I have all my windows open and the most gentle breeze is blowing in...I love it!

I wanted to share a picture with you of what's in my freezer. Because it's summer, I have an extra excuse to buy loads of ice-cream and recently I have fallen in love with all products by "Skinny Cow." Somehow, the "skinny cow" people have managed to strike gold by coming up with low fat desserts that don't taste like low fat desserts! I don't know how they do it, but I'm glad they do. I am LOVING these little fudge dippers and of course all things mint! The Haagen Dazs box in the background is NOT low fat, but so worth the calories! It just feels like summer is quickly slipping away and soon fall will be here. I think I'm just trying to preserve these August days and squeeze some joy out of them!! And nothing brings me joy right now like ice-cream!! What about you? What's your favorite summer indulgence?


all up in each others bizness said...

i too enjoy ice cream!!!Mint is my fav also...followed by cookie dough,moose tracks and cookies and cream.....yes i have a problem,lol

i just wanted to tell you u should go to the skinny cow website and sign up for there mailing list....i have gotten 3 PACKAGES FROM them(ups) in the last year...pens,pencils,coupons,pads of paper and my personal favorite was my skinny cow chapstick,its delish,lol and makes other ice cream eaters jealous when i whip it out :)


sheltonfamily said...

mmmm.... we haven't tried the skinny cow. We are all about TCBY this summer. The kids love it and it is close to our house. Wednesday is 99 cent waffle cone day. I feel so bad for you and your hives. Strange coincidence is MIke is having lunch with a hs. pastor from Minneapolis. Eagle Brook Church? He is here for a conference. Enjoy your weather. Ours is awful....