For Lack of a Better Idea...

My friend Faith recently did this on her blog and I told her I was going to steal it! She said that was ok! You can only answer with one word (which I can't promise), so here goes:

where is your cell phone? living room

your significant other? wonderful

your hair? bed-head

your mother? funny

your father? sweet

your favorite thing? date night

your dream last night? crazy

your favorite drink? coffee

your dream/goal? business owner

the room you’re in? balcony

your hobby? scrap-booking

your fear? bankruptcy!! (Seriously that is my fear, but don't worry, we're not in danger of it!)

where do you want to be in 6 years? home

what you’re not? brave

muffins? chocolate chip

one of your wish list items? ocean-front condo (in Naples, preferably!)

where you grew up? Iowa

last thing you did? devotions

favorite gadget? computer

your pets? adorable!!

your computer? mac

your mood? joyful

missing someone? yes

your car? perfect

favorite store? Target

like someone? yes

your favorite color? brown

last time you laughed? yesterday (watched Dan in Real Life with Travis last night...hilarious!)

last time you cried? yesterday (Michael Phelps and his Mom being interviewed, too much!)

So there you go! Now you know almost nothing more than you already did! Happy Monday morning!


MiMi said...

I love the "bed-head"! Too funny! We have so much in common. Glad you did this because I learned more about you.

Have a great week!

Faith said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad you did this! I like your favorite thing, and your wishlish item...both of those are great!

amy said...

how fun, steph! lots of randomness is always good for a monday morning!!! :)