Hobbies Gone Wild

I'm sure this is no surprise to you, but I'm back at it with the Sugar Cookies :) I won't deny it...
I love making them.  I might even be a little bit obsessed with them. 
I haven't made any since Valentine's day, so when a friend of mine asked me if I would make some for a baby shower she was hosting, I wasted no time in saying "Yes!" 
It was a shower for sweet little girl who is 5 weeks old and when she said her colors were pink, purple and a little yellow...
I couldn't help but go for a Spring theme, right?? 
Remember last week???
I am SO desperate for some color in my Minnesota-winter-world right now!
Anyway, t,his baby's name starts with an "a", so of course I had to throw in a few monograms in each color!
I made these while we were at my parent's house this weekend, for a quick visit to see my sister's new house.  I took my time making them, mostly because I could (with lots of helpers around to watch my kids) but also because these are so theraputic for my soul.  My creativity gets worked out and that is incredibly satisfying and relaxing for me.  But I had to laugh because I also realize that not everyone is wired like I am.  My Dad couldn't believe how long these took and that I was still working on them, hours after I started :) I then asked my Mom if she would help me spread some icing around and after a few minutes of that, she informed me that such tedious work was so frustrating to her she felt like she wanted to take a hammer to them and smash them!  I could not stop laughing!  And then I quickly released her and told her to "step away from the cookies" :)
I don't know why, but things that are tedious and meticulous are right up my alley.  Well, I suppose I should clarify.  *FUN* things that are tedious and meticulous.  Things like taxes and bank statements...not so fun.
Anyway, I was totally happy with how these spring cookies turned out, they make my heart happy!
Thank goodness for the aftermath and the clean-up.  They keep my hobby from getting totally out of control!
But, with 3 birthdays this month and Easter right around the corner, don't think I haven't already plotted and planned my next few batches :)

I think it's safe to say that sugar cookies have filled the creative void that scrapbooking has left! 
Heaven knows I don't have time for scrapbooking right now, but I always have time for cookies :)
Happy Spring!


Toni :O) said...

Those look SO yummy! Great job and I'm sure they taste as great as they look! I think you may have found a new calling!

Jen S. said...

I've made these before (last year) and yes, it is so time consuming. I think you have more patience than I do, but I still had fun doing mine! It's so fun getting to be creative! Yours turned out SO CUTE :)
I found a very cool blog last year that has the cutest cookie ideas on it, you might have fun checking it out, since you're so good at it too!

PS--I've been visiting your blog for a while now. I'm originially from North Dakota and also lived in MN for a while as well. I miss the sweetness of the people in both of those states. Great places to live!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm so impressed with how precise they are. Mine would be all smeared & have horrible edgings. People pay GOOD money for cookies like that!

Darla said...

Perhaps I shouldn't have read this post when I was up feeding Clara at 5:30 this morning. My stomach growled and made sure I knew it was empty as soon as I saw those delicious cookies!!! Beautifully done.

Ron and Peggy said...

You're so good at it. Maybe you should start a cottage business.