Post #250

First things first, "I officially apologize for my LAME-O blogging as of late." I know, I's been bad. I blame it on lots of things, however none more so than my worthless internet provider. I have vowed tonight, in the presence of my husband, to call tomorrow and find a better provider. Of course that should be exciting, since that will no doubt fix my many, many internet frustrations lately, however I have held off for one simple reason: I don't want to pay for better internet! We already pay for a wireless server and clearly we have gotten our money's is CHEAP and thus so is the reliability. I don't know why I expected more, I just hoped it would surprise me I guess. Now I realize that I'm going to have to fork more money over in order to have the speed and reliability I want, which frankly, bugs me! I'm of the opinion that in today's society, where you CANNOT live without high speed internet, it should be FREE! I know that's a totally ridiculous statement, given that our world totally and completely revolves around money, but I'm still entitled to my opinion and that's what I think. Give the people what they deserve and find other ways to rip us off! Sorry, I digress...Anyway,I have officially "had it" and will now begin the search for something faster that won't make me vomit when the bill arrives. A tall order I'm sure.

So, as you can see, that's probably the biggest reason I've been so absent on here, but not the only. I've also been busy, burned out, and in need of an internet break. It's been good for me I think. Although I LOVE to blog and I LOVE my friends in the blog world, it is amazing how much time one can spend sitting in front of a computer! I have felt very convicted about that and have really tried to keep that in check over the last few months. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't, but alas, I'm trying. I also blame my absence on the fact that summer is almost over and part of me is totally wrapped up in the lazy days of nice weather, which is a rarity in Minnesota! I'm so ready for school to be back in session and fall to begin, that I'm sure I'll have a fresh sense of purpose when September rolls around, but until then, I'm soaking up what little summer we have left and the warm temperatures that will soon be on their way.

Travis and I are getting ready for a visit from His Mom this weekend and we are working hard to get the student ministry spaces ready for fall kick-off. It seems even in our "down time," we are still very busy with something. Student ministries seems to revolve so heavily on the school year that if feels like we are always trying to beat the calendar to capitalize on the start of school, the breaks, the holidays, and the time-off. I know we'll get our "to-do" list done by kickoff, but right now I'm not sure how! Also, if you could see my house right now and know that my Mother-in-law is coming, you'd be wondering why I'm sitting at the computer! But tonight I guess I'm just checking in to say "hi" to my friends...I've missed you and hope to get back to faithful posts soon! Speaking of posts, when I logged in to write this, I noticed that the number of posts my blog contains so far is 249...which makes this one, #250. I'm not sure it's worthy of such distinction, but regardless, I thought I'd at least mention it! Hard to believe that I've written something on here 250 times and even harder to believe that you're still reading! Hope you have a great Friday tomorrow!!


Rebecca said...

I feel your pain- we've had internet issues lately too....And I haven't been a faithful blogger either. This week was my first post since June! Wow... It's soon going to be the time when I get really jealous of you- winter!!! Snow!! And you are probably gonna be jealous of our sort of mild weather I suppose! The grass is always greener.....

Miz Jean said...

Congrats on #250!

I don't have ANY internet at home because I have it at work. But I agree that high speed is an absolute necessity anymore.

I recently succumbed to pressure to get a bloglines account. And I must confess, I LOVE IT! You would not believe how much time it saves me. I used to spend HOURS going around and checking to see who has a new post on their blog and whatnot. Bloglines saves me so so so much time. I wish I was getting paid to say that, but I'm not. Its just my funnest new time-saver tool.

Have a great weekend!!!

sheltonfamily said...

Way to go on #250 Steph! I hear you on the fall coming and all there is to do. I hope you all have a great time with your MIL. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are off to a retreat!

MiMi said...

We've missed hearing from you. Congratulations on post # 250.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend with Travis' mother.

amy said...

ok, steph!!! i'm waiting on post #251!!! :) i miss your daily posts!!! hope you were able to find a new and reliable provider... and i agree, blogging DOES take up a lot of time... that's why the new feature that let's you see who posted when with one click is AMAZING! it's definitely cut my computer time in half!!!