Day 5: Home is For Resting { Weekending }

Three cheers for the weekend??    
With chaos all around and a tight schedule to keep, it's moments like these that remind me what a gift our homes can be when we make them places of rest; a haven from the outside world and all its' hustle and bustle, the demands that nearly suck us dry and wear us down to the bone.  When we finally get away from all of that and we don't worry so much about our homes looking like showcases, we can intentionally say no to "the list" and choose not to become enslaved by the very place meant to shelter us.  When we choose the quiet and force ourselves to just stop, to breath deep even...
...Home becomes more than just another place to manage or a job requiring hours logged.  It's not easy to turn off the productivity and just be...But kids sure are a great reminder that there is more to life than busyness and task mastering.  Sometimes the best choice is an afternoon movie, in a cozy bed, with the ones you love.

If your world has been spinning like mine lately, I am praying you find some much needed rest at home this weekend!  Even if it means you get nothing done...

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